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My 2.5 year old daughter’s nanny said she should use the word “foofoo” instead of “vagina”. My response:

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77 points

I don't get it

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73 points

Meeting room in a public library. Palo Alto, CA.

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57 points

My wife got the munchies last night and figured this was a good way to bake cookies.

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85 points

Going through my dads stuff and I found one of the most dad things I’ve ever seen.....

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78 points

The honest hotel towel sign that I'd like to see

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Target doesn't staple some, they staple all of them

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74 points

I thought as a society we had left this kind of blatant segregation in the past

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84 points

IHOP banning their most lucrative customer base

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80 points

The Waterdog / Klaarchitectuur, Belgium, 2016

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51 points

Camberwell House / AM Architecture, Australia, 2016

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47 points

Can I let you go, the dog is looking at me.

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How bridge foundations are laid in waterways

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Dining room and kitchen in Bavarian villa overlooking Tegernsee

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The Bobertz Residence, Craig Ellwood

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49 points

My local bookstore recently lost a door

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104 points

Relevant?! Took while driving

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Mosquito, meet your doom

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74 points

Only in Canada

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