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Winding Staircase

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7 points

Shallow pond around a living space receiving natural light from a skylight in a modern open plan residence in Jakarta, Indonesia

Preview a486f3f1 c0e6 4f55 be04 20909bd1fc75
10 points

An outdoor shower with surfaced with local natural lava rocks in Kona, Hawaii. Attached to an indoor bath. 512 x 768

Preview 2ab12cb0 a8a7 40e0 ba17 9d38e55b7380
9 points

Open air living room connected to a wooden deck with sweeping lake views, Mikkeli, Finland

Preview 96715e1f 4071 4fda b2a4 be835e0e97ae
8 points


Preview d92dbb30 b12b 4079 b6a1 a86da69a4836
20 points

Capitalism meets sarcasm

Preview 55cc00a1 a743 4f2a 8206 4dfec1c49aba
126 points

Well planned Department.

Preview 8f47e01b 3d2a 4087 b521 8979854c75d6
137 points

Tag anyone that one's this pant 😂😂

Preview 75bd7b27 9de5 4929 83cf 3fb06be00d4d
210 points

I can't wait to bring my friends to my murder house

Preview a3e52f2c 42ab 4a21 b491 0fffa8fdfef8
169 points


Preview 7ef69623 915d 470f bbca 1b57c6900ef8
142 points

The college of pizza cardinals are standing vigil

Preview d629e88f 8de0 4c67 b16f 5c1fb05c7ed9
161 points

After a pigeon flew into a window...

Preview b9170ebc 3f62 42e5 a994 7d55b5e839ff
146 points

Hey Elon

Preview cae7a3d7 b863 4c50 a1cf 54b739b27931
228 points

How to win business

Preview 27c41632 f129 4955 a304 64ef3f74b0a1
122 points


Preview c39b9bc9 ec16 40aa 8e48 d7f3d5158625
185 points

Stupid bumper sticker.

Preview 712775fc f5c7 4f2f 9d96 ad11111d1b00
146 points

Don’t look down...

Preview 87f40788 16b7 4db4 a6b6 75e0afe5a8c4

Jesus is watching....what?

Preview b2290bad ad6b 4b6f 9cf0 9c72bafe1fb0
125 points

Low budget

Preview 2c615c5d 8a56 4daf 8c51 156ca8a968d3
174 points

Yo! Jerry is asleep again. Greg get the plastic cups!

Preview dc0565b6 b967 4477 97d8 23a55a3ff37e
267 points

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