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Yes, I worry about that a lot.

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15 points

Classic Dave

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60 points

Mystery Solved.

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64 points

This little guy and the Golden Gate

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Every moring

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57 points

Cookie Monster, gas vent style

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70 points

If a quote says so it’s true

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93 points

Crappy internet can kill

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96 points

Lift them up and they crap all over you.

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Dining area features a natural wood table, custom chandelier and large windows in this home located in Lake Waccabuc, NY.

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12 points

Friend found this at a dump yard the other day. Anybody have any idea what this grave is or what it says?

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60 points

Nothing really

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104 points

During the war..

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104 points


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85 points

Luxurious tented camp in the Golden Triangle region of Thailand

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77 points

Little League

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104 points

Walking on through my park, learning about the local Flora

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108 points

Bubble Dome Room in Finn Lough, Northern Ireland

Preview 251b7c87 f186 4486 9c26 ee15d73d6e4a
86 points

Anyone still wonder why OSHA exists?

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122 points

Ho's do make the best pies.

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