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Just an abandoned theme park in Denmark, slidely interesting?

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Classic belgium

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It's just a prank bro

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Working class Tao

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Something to think about

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Just started leatherworking, so I decided to make a mousepad for work.

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Shrek is love

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This scene though

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Stayed up way too late on a work night for this, but it was worth it!

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World's biggest bottle opener

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How many kids does this guy have?!?!?

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Wait, they did what?!

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My brother turned a dead tree in to this

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View of the Washington Monument from the Yellow Oval Room in the private quarters of the White House at the end of Obama's term.

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Frodo knew he was f*cked

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An Analysis On How "Breaking Bad" Crafted The Perfect TV Pilot


Sara Underwood

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