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Just gonna pull over and check the view.

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Keanu Reeves on his sex scene with the director's wife

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146 points

I was only looking to go on an adventure...

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187 points

No need for walls. Dining room of Kona home. Big Island 1680 x 1120

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83 points

Yeah… let's put those two signs together

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83 points

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from Mount Maunganui 1024 x 683

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74 points

Timber dining hall with a skylight in the world-famous Danish restaurant Noma, recently reopened in Copenhagen, Denmark

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81 points

Back garden connected to a townhouse in Währing, Vienna, Austria

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82 points

Living room with a fireplace surrounded with woods on a sloped lake shore, Quebec, Canada

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70 points

Plenty of space in this bedroom with library loft

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58 points

Inside Glasgow's Kelvingrove Museum

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89 points

Cozy living room overlooking the Alps in Val d'Isere, France

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62 points

Surprise motherfucker

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78 points

What do you mean Scabbers isn’t a rat!

Preview 2529d872 f143 4ab7 8458 99332da1bbf3
92 points

Fun OMG xD

Preview 10fbe9a8 ecf0 4fe2 8887 df1a381f605d
86 points

Hahn's Peak Log House by PrecisionCraft, Colorado

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117 points

Choo Choo Meow

Preview 1bc051a2 8551 4ddf a8e9 3677edc3a03d
104 points

Villa Tugendhat. Built in 1930 in Czech Republic

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133 points

Inside the Juvet Hotel, Norway, where the movie Ex-Machina was filmed

Preview 850b6d78 05c5 4c3c bd00 61ca2e08406b
117 points

An oriental castle in Burghausen an der Salzach, Germany

Preview f62919dd 93a3 4d1d a20a 3472f04eae9d
66 points

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