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Sounds like a fun place to work

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13 points

Coeur Des Alpes Hotel - Zermatt, Switzerland

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17 points

Casa GG Tapalpa, Mexico

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20 points

500 W. 2nd St. Austin, TX. 14th Floor.

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63 points

I love Colorado!

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74 points

10,000 tons of corn...

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86 points

Poor Guy

Preview 4b8c6e76 a372 4bb1 a21a 75da466597a5
94 points

Welcome potato

Preview 65a52d24 59c5 4474 9e57 e19c6739fe45
67 points

Extremely heavy snowfall has hit Switzerland in the past few days. This image was taken in Bettmeralp .

Preview 9e8705aa 7d4a 438c 816d c7d99be54b3c
84 points

The Arizona 101 this morning

Preview 555984d9 0be4 4e3d 860d 28f5f365a878
71 points

Some shower thoughts from the cookie monster.

Preview 963183e6 afc7 4792 b40a 55e63bb0f062
78 points

The '60s vs now

Preview d5ee9030 87d1 4027 9de3 ecd1e8ac3ad0
65 points

Forrest view from the "Bridgehouse" built over a shallow ravine, Muskoka, Central Ontario, Canada

Preview 09c2530e d982 466b b1ad bab6c5df5bac
49 points

Who wore it best?

Preview 540346ff b175 423c 8237 2ae5b0785b81
74 points

Found at a gas station in my city

Preview 4637cf18 40ed 4e3c 9391 22e33eda34a5
66 points

I told my girlfriend to write me a 3 paragraph essay on why I should hug her. Little did I know, she actually was doing it while I was playing videogames.

Preview ae48bd3d 0639 4e9a a10c 23690d184f9d
65 points

This kid is going places

Preview 9e0fc276 97cd 480d 9059 462a34156e22
81 points

Before today, I never thought I would see a sign so badly kerned that it made me physically ill to look at.

Preview fb10c450 b1b2 4b41 94c9 91f19155a401
68 points

This might actually work

Preview c8e14465 7490 453d af73 ab06d8173f3e
74 points

Billboard in Austin.

Preview 61161867 9a8c 4e65 a23e 61be9ac96956
60 points

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