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4 years ago my cousin moved from Madison, WI to Raleigh, NC and made the track team

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94 points

I want to see her reaction

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93 points

Good old Zuc

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124 points

Never go to class.

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121 points

Come here Jenny

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75 points

My cousins have had the same couch since 1998. The couch hasn’t aged one bit. Some of us have.

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111 points


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153 points

Did they get a sex change as well?

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87 points

So there were multiple photos for this meme...

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56 points

What da fak

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What about curry ?

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107 points

Will this work?

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Good guy doctor

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110 points

Guy Gets Pissed Off At A Pigeon


When your mom is f*****g a printer

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96 points

That twist though

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36 points

Makes me laugh every time I see it

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19 points

Ugly truth from a professional doc

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15 points

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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My life in one picture hahaha

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