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Copper, the destroyer of everything

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Copper the Destroyer

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80 points

He was sleeping but when I took this picture he woke up scared of his own fart. the owner and I shared a laugh though!

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106 points

I just saw this posted on facebook and it says, "Life lesson learned. Be very specific when explaining how you want your dog be groomed." DROPPED OFF A SHIHTZU, PICKED UP A LLAMA.

Preview d1934fbd c23e 4101 a9b0 541422a710f6
61 points

I caught Tucker at the perfect moment

Preview b9097651 a860 4cb8 9d4e 7c79c4bb11dd

This doggo is me

Preview bfe59cfc 8dd4 4b4e 8732 2ed6ee12aa71
94 points

Oh ohhh!

Preview bbd604ba b91a 4e61 9506 1df30884dd62
80 points

Artistic Photos Reveal The Quirky Human-Like Side of Different Dogs

Preview b6f7830a a1e7 43b4 b4cc 8bcb897fce37
32 points

Meet Barckley

Preview b41e4535 ece7 43ac 8958 707d1c9c0dfd
11 points

All my friends are non-metal, but I am very metalhead

Preview 0de01345 f66a 4e5c 8d85 b156dff61101
13 points

This is actually pretty good

Preview b2f6132a daf6 4b6c 9937 9e7540d9819e
38 points

Hmmm, not sure.

Preview 831ad682 ae6c 43af 884c 587c280f087a
22 points

How did we get so lucky to have these animals as pets?

Preview 4e9345db 6154 4054 8c36 7bf6c4309229
32 points

Family Dog, just nailing it!

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Preview 166ec837 87a9 4ff6 8617 1a584ebfa7ac
59 points

4 horsemen of the Apawcatypse VS 4 Doggo goddo

Preview 0bc782cc 1528 49c6 a0fd 17e55c165285
38 points

Proud DAD

Preview d32f6a0a e1a1 43ae 90a0 c5595d3b4076
15 points

Leave me alone

Preview a2c2ac53 0680 4eb6 8f94 db9bf9505028
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