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Please don't fall :|

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RIP Ohio...

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67 points

Bad joke eel

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89 points

A Leopard Seal Feeds A Diver Food Instead Of Killing Him

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94 points

Good to know

Preview 53ba5f7c 0013 44b4 a374 aaf902869719
74 points

Please leave me alone for a day .

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72 points

Old but gold.

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169 points

BBC Live

Preview 3742067e ef09 4331 a1cc 67bc0ead4132
22 points

Uploading a warship picture every day #169 russian cruiser Moskva

Preview a9f040a8 d248 4d3f 8bc3 eabde8e7accb
188 points

I think he'll succeed

Preview 764b494a 6105 4862 97aa f55988bf5787
75 points

The older I get...

Preview 1d9d0887 ceaa 4918 8595 f09e8f5b7c19
21 points

Me at the end of the year.

Preview 7993c652 e951 4760 8c85 fb446e5e049c
22 points

When I see disinformation, I have to act..

Preview fedf88d3 166f 47f9 b474 724820f138e1
12 points

Part of the ship, Part of the crew, Part of the ship, Part of the crew, Part of the ship, Part of the crew

Preview 2211aa7e 3153 43b3 95ff add7f5cb9c53
204 points

One of these images is a turtle, and the other a person on a surfboard. Now imagine you're a hungry shark.

Preview e69ffa4b 342c 45b5 b9e9 fdfa748bf798
422 points


Preview a6c722af 8ed5 477f 8491 c8205777ed74
116 points

Damn..I thought they are friendly and kind...

Preview 00250067 9919 495e 884a da626d605d0c
130 points

That would be a little bit awkward, innit?

Preview 1e0b2409 652a 485b b37e 1a8e2660b4b2
132 points

Oh, I didn't see you there!

Preview e248ebab 0870 415e b9c1 03efb1e33319
214 points

So sorry

Preview 741aa323 d5b4 4e97 9a4b fa09f50bb56c
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