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Rupaul's Read of the Day

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Why are there so many stock photos of people shooting their computers?

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110 points

I am always hard at work , what about you ?

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2 points

23 Pictures That Prove The Queen Is The Most Relatable Monarch. Happy birthday your majesty :)

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1 points

What is this award for?

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2 points

A small loan of a million dollars?

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210 points

Your daily edge to cut yourself.

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3 points

Find me a better actors duo, I'll wait

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As requested...

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1 points

When you are coolest kid in class

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1 points

Are we dreaming?

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Look at her face... look at it!

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3 points

I ragret nothing

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222 points

There is no perfect meme ME:

Preview dca21325 3742 4d1c 877d 87133cc6c8a4
84 points

Unfortunately my only skill...

Preview 8a21f4ff e25e 4375 9548 9d759ef88e94
191 points

Steves face though....

Preview ef8c1468 3999 40d9 9d34 436fb8fd96da
269 points

Deserved it

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183 points


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256 points

Make me a sandwitch

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256 points


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204 points

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