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Holy crap

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Nice headgear

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How These 12 Famous Actors Looked Before Going Bald

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Life imitates art

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Turkish PM admits isis and turkey is the same by way of terrible maths.

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Decisions decisions...

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Rupaul's Read of the Day

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Who'll win by the way?

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Life imitating art

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Why are there so many stock photos of people shooting their computers?

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Our president is laughing at your democracy

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I am always hard at work , what about you ?

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23 Pictures That Prove The Queen Is The Most Relatable Monarch. Happy birthday your majesty :)

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What is this award for?

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A small loan of a million dollars?

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Your daily edge to cut yourself.

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Find me a better actors duo, I'll wait

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As requested...

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When you are coolest kid in class

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