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Barry it

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77 points

When you have a meeting with your boss at 10 and a fight with the Black Knight at 11.

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95 points

My 13 year old son has been learning how to photoshop. Yesterday he made this...

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89 points

Master Kim showing his ninjutsu before striking Guam 2017

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105 points

It hurt me more than it ever hurt you apparently

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79 points

My father teaching me about the birds and the bees.

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Press F to pay respect

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64 points

The mountain in a family photo, couch for scale.

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101 points

Only broke people understand

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39 points

Radcliffe came to aid of muggling victim ......

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75 points

It's happening

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He seems like a pretty good dad.

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78 points

Protester's flags and some politicians

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Applies to me .

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106 points

Being one with the dead

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23 points

He wasn't trained for this

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9 points



Natasha Romanoff

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13 points

Macron wins the handshake battle

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11 points

Holy crap

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