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We left our 15 year old daughter to decorate the Gingerbread People.

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This perfect pyramid of pancakes.

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That's amazing

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Nice pizza I guess

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A friend was asked to bring in a plate for morning tea at her Breast Screening workplace. Mammograhams.

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Couldn’t figure out why Starbucks is selling a Christmas octopus...

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19 points

Cookie Logic

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Fire ants form a protective island as they float out the Houston flood.

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For my 40th birthday, my wife surprised me with a detective themed party.

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You can only call them "doughnuts" if they come from the Doughnut region of France

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Describe your post...

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23 points

I cried

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18 points

A barbecue cupcake?

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18 points

This just hurts...

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22 points

When your tomato evolves into something much more

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When your gingerbread house fails...add dinosaur.

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22 points

Thank me later

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