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Pizza os everything

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It's Hitman

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Unfortunately my only skill...

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How To Fold Your Suit, Pants And Shirt To Go In A Suitcase Without Wrinkling

179 points

Steves face though....

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260 points

Smart guy

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182 points

Deserved it

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176 points

Sh*t just got real

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Putin "Taking Notes" during Obama's speech.

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And the rest of the modern world that has gyms

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Undeniable, when it comes from Ironman.

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259 points

Make me a sandwitch

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The Lord of the Rings 15 Years Later

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Classic Bill Nye

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505 points

Well, she is blonde

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302 points

Jimmy Savile introducing Frank Bruno to the Yorkshire Ripper, Broadmoor Secure Hospital, 1991

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In this heated political climate, there is one thing we all can agree on.

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