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Family feud in a nutshell

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93 points

Barry it

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81 points


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81 points

When you have a meeting with your boss at 10 and a fight with the Black Knight at 11.

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96 points

With the Superbowl next week let us not forget

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88 points

A snowflake right before melting

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The meme that keeps on giving

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69 points

Violets are tender

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81 points

Happy birthday kid from Hot Fuzz

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54 points

Barely aged a day

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75 points

He uses the little one.

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76 points

A little Cameltoe on the subway

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58 points

77% drop

Preview ade6121a 19e6 4eab 8aee 219f63d36b7a
108 points

I took grad photos with my boyfriend of the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt “fixed” my photos.

Preview affc2250 d06c 479e a561 a6760a55557b
111 points

My 13 year old son has been learning how to photoshop. Yesterday he made this...

Preview e78bcda5 e42d 40cb a2bd 7c46c63062fd
89 points

Floating in a most peculiar way.

Preview 9c938df5 7768 4e87 a891 50a984a1973e
85 points

Whoa... what is this award for???

Preview b3990313 f653 40b2 b3d6 df70058f2c30
93 points

This guy

Preview ccf008b6 2f57 4a26 97d4 c43f3b2141c3
65 points

Every job I’ve ever had.

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100 points

Journalism at its finest

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105 points

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