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Love how the shoes blend in with the carpet

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64 points

Ruthless Geoffrey

Preview 414860c3 29b4 4e1b a8ff 932858dfb844
77 points

Haunts me at night that this is the new owner of the playboy mansion

Preview edf06d51 9fe8 45a6 ab2c 4607a31f3efa
224 points

Job is vacation

Preview 27fb3d0f b98f 4124 89f1 12f125a6b171
177 points

So then I asked

Preview 695508ff d2dc 4d48 a38b b0f5506e1519
130 points

My green pants looking they just smoked some green

Preview 8e5d61d5 1714 4a80 a092 4f7f22a5653e
176 points

The letter "N"

Preview 0ba78ea5 55c2 4b21 8554 3995df40442b
136 points

poor rob

Preview 7964b6d2 9db2 4b0e 96d5 bf34063dfd0c
159 points

The little girl in this sculpture thats in my home town.

Preview 16263c8d dff2 4f90 8b45 4cecfcf6226c
98 points

I say they kill off Roseanne this time and continue on without her.

Preview 99941081 279e 435b aa28 ed28e9f7635c
136 points

When you have a Skype interview

Preview edc501dc a18b 4904 ac45 4e64c2e2e53f
113 points

How I became the assistant to the regional manager

Preview 6d591aad 6157 4c15 9319 cb0f4e199da1
120 points

Damn son

Preview 00ee1689 1c3b 4143 8fb6 4242f91d3bd1
116 points

I want this kid to be my wingman.

Preview 032e432b 45d8 4afe b71a 48c20ed3a340
114 points

Parents these days..

Preview 313ae4f8 cb80 4593 ba5a 4e83387514d3
119 points

Every upvote matters

Preview b3178ac3 1386 4d3d a747 74d7bd221f83
120 points

Not All Heros Wear Capes

Preview ec1e07f7 9543 4389 a944 6aba6b827208
106 points


Preview 0d22ff13 94ac 44f1 bbb3 0308d69bae5e
110 points

My friend caught a picture of my hand in mid wave, ghost hand!

Preview adc03042 249b 4d4b 9524 f77c12d5c5d8


Preview c2a4436b 26fc 48c0 aa47 618223790eea
126 points

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