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Show bobs and vagene

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For real though

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Best friends

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"Rick And Morty" Sneak Peek: It's A Rick And Jerry Adventure!


I took 5 pictures with my new drone camera & stitched them together to create this inception style picture...

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We hate the ocean

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This pic I took of my dog looks like a crime scene photo.

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From a Bee Keeper's Pregnancy Photoshoot

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My vans came in today

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I lost the ball but it's cool..

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She climbing the wall way too fast

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Great Salt Lake, Utah -- A causeway separates the lake into two sections that get their colors from the unique bacteria that live on each si

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When you're a beekeeper but you also want a classy maternity photo

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Inside Irma's Eye

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All the rainfall last week in Georgia caused my friend's pond to rise just enough to make an infinity dock

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Organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free corn

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other than "bees" i don't know what to say

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Same counts for southern Germany

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View of my apartment pool today

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