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The Sun rising while pelicans fly through the air and a kayaker enjoys the view.

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Swimming in the middle of a storm

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My failed attempt at a jump pose has me looking like having a seizure.

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My brother before getting hit by a bodyboarder

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This dog trying to catch the ball

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Bubble Boy 2: Bubble Dog!

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High Protein Hay Bale

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Inception style sweaty palms.

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Matthias "Hellboy" Schlitte, german armwrestler.

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83 points

Sometimes I wonder why Photoshop is invented.

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70 points

Dank boi

Preview e96c8e1a c1f8 4105 870c 061a0a655c1c
52 points

The calm before the cannonball

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I'll need 26 bucks

Preview 2857719e a458 4fd2 8901 ab6573e86c4c
22 points

Checkmate, bullies.

Preview 94e025f5 1501 4a41 884a 78a4f8b6711b
15 points

the carrots in the baths

Preview e6bdac50 c0be 4d81 bcd5 aebd75633c0d
21 points

Where I'm sending my child to preschool.

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21 points

Still searching for that pot ‘o gold...

Preview c31c87f1 617e 4b75 87c3 3cf6b84b466e

Going above and beyond to get the job done.

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