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I captured the sunset while I was in the canoe.

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18 points

Night sky on the Baltic Sea

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11 points

Milky Way over Monument Valley

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16 points

Drove 13 hours to get this shot

Preview 2aaeb8ee 8304 4495 9764 82f43f602da9
64 points

My shot of the diamond ring. Taken over western North Carolina.

Preview 9fd76378 fcd3 4953 9199 d12b33671aab
85 points

Canadian Sunset

Preview c41fab10 841c 4326 9329 be3e55aeec3a
12 points

Looks like I was too slow for the eclipse awards, but I finally finished my eclipse composite and wanted to share anyway!

Preview 2871e3a9 8ded 4def 8f68 923be1472b8c
19 points

Rays of Light

Preview d92e0408 cf6d 4f9d 9a63 84392a422c56
21 points

A picture that I took from Valkeakoski, Finland.

Preview 986d10e0 93a8 42f1 b347 a5b8eb529777
10 points

Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, Africa

Preview af102e11 c651 4940 9dc2 fa53160863c7
22 points

Eclipse over Nashville

Preview 6b708f07 927b 4000 84c0 ebdd807ee28d
22 points

So cute, sadly anyone here can relate :(

Preview d7ac6410 a451 44f6 bebe d536b70a0e10
80 points

Twilight in Helsinki

Preview 3835e104 19ab 46ca 9a16 8befed86c94b
12 points

#6 wallpaper

Preview fe5c4961 bb3b 47db 944b 7802d23c3c4b
11 points

Streetlit tree on a foggy night.

Preview f026412b d3ce 4187 b4d4 08f13ca0e7da
14 points

The most majestic 🅱️oi ever witnessed

Preview 2f84309b ae2e 4058 9bfd 39378e9f3169

I mean... those are your examples, I shall feel bad about?

Preview c0428f8c 21bb 4ef8 bc46 1f41f5e15167
15 points

My turn today

Preview ca282a1a 6c4b 42fb a6dd 8e206698a0bc
11 points

Just finished this acrylic painting

Preview d937ca7e 1c2b 4b2e a61b 656c65288503
18 points

Dumb spaghetti westerns

Preview 9245b703 8924 4016 9289 f6e1cdab2928

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