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The sun wore his jaunty hat, and has some serious thinking to do

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Fire makes orange skies in Brookings, Or

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Two sides of the world

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Eclipse on a plane's wing taken from Kew Gardens, London.

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This bird decided to burst right out of the sun, spreading his wings perfectly straight

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Hurling a thermos of hot tea at -40°C/F near the Arctic Circle by Michael Davies

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Why giraffes can't play hide and seek

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Eclipse as seen from Nebraska

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NASA's contribution to the eclipse photos

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Different Phases of the Recent Solar Eclipse

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Solar Eclipse in New Mexico, November 2012

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This is how Andromeda would be seen if brighter.

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Total Eclipse as seen from Sublimity, Oregon

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Best eclipse picture I've seen today tbh

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Waves Cresting

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Total eclipse caught in Oregon

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A rare event occured today where all 17 of the earths moons were visible. such beauty!

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A picture of the solar eclipse taken by an infra red camera

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Get your own pizza!


Watching the sunrise from above

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