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Explosion from Washington Michigan

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They carry the sun in halves

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This truck driving past the sun

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Two surfers catching waves under the pier

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This enormous sand dunes is 🔥

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19 points

No one ever said it was a moon...

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17 points

The Rising of the Moon. South Pole.

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Firework in mid explosion during New Year's Eve

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this.

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for more photography just like this

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I work on the ship, and everyday I can see this beauty

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Spacious living area in Iceland

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17 points

Shadow of clouds on clouds.

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Who else want to live here?

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Bruce McCandless II, “free-flying” 320 ft from his orbiter, further than any previous astronaut.

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17 Add me on snapchat Texasboy825 for great photography just like this.

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4 days of hard work and planning

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21 points

Buddy is a pilot and apparently birds splat just like bugs do.

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39 points

My dad, an amateur photographer, caught some INCREDIBLE eclipse pictures from one of the areas in 100% totality, Greenville, SC. I think the

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