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Marilyn Manson

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Average life expectancy male 77.5 years. Female 83.2.

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Perfectly sums up the world right now.

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The most 80´s photo

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Taking the fish for a walk

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Meg Griffin - by Irina Sabetskaya

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Be carefull guys

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A tiny problem most women will understand...

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When people ask me how am I holding up:

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Maybe I can get a mother daughter 3 some?

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I found my sister's doppelgänger at the Coldplay concert in Gothenburg

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I see you're a man of the seven seas aswell

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Just some East Coast bro walking to work.


The new Steve had me like...

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24 points

Yeah... you can't...

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Manamana https://g.co/kgs/dNE8Xn

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When you accidentally take home more of the ocean than you intended

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It is only the number of the laps we did around the sun

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Justice League poster

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Ghetto ingenuity at its finest..

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