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Friend trying to catch blueberry in his mouth

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This perfectly timed photobomb

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106 points

Wind picked up!

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Caught a lady through the train gap while taking a selfie

Preview aea2a85e 9c21 42bc 8b3c 928a75d958d5
140 points

This bra . I kinda want to see what it'd look like worn but I can't bring myself to buy it .

Preview b48d66d5 f707 45e0 a5b7 a4c823b52289
124 points

My friend saw this pic of me and my girl and thought..

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114 points

I'm i the only the only that though this dude had a beer in his hands

Preview e4f6e6f2 d2d1 4b33 9a56 df29e2e50754
119 points

My niece looks like she wants 4 fried chickens and a Coke

Preview 378e8a79 4b7c 432b 9036 276c3c5f4460
85 points

Such Truth

Preview 18dc25ab af3c 4a10 9a5b 264b3a4edcdb
115 points

Pretty accurate

Preview 9ed9f0db e41c 48bd a257 b19f49b5ad70
94 points

Too much meme too much meme

Preview 089c5096 a2b5 4ee0 99ce 15bd2290a8bb
129 points

The reunion I’m hoping for at the Super Bowl halftime show

Preview e02b10ea 235c 40f3 a318 4eb3a5763b48
119 points

This dude is doing online dating right

Preview a5ccb7ab 7df1 4f64 9bc7 648e239a336d
114 points

F*ckin' Murdock!

Preview da81be89 f504 4341 83a9 dce1d621e240
121 points

Dodged a bullet there

Preview a46f99b0 4309 45bd a0f3 5dae86f26889
125 points

My new favorite thing is adding smiles to pictures of Samuel L. Jackson.

Preview 8989d430 a088 4655 8e07 2768c583a334
106 points

Someone flicked their cigarette while I was taking a picture of my friends last summer

Preview e84ee61b acbb 43e8 b22e f5e9380749c0
115 points

"Shirtception" - my favorite gift every year from my brother. We're now at level 4.

Preview d9c8dc3b 433e 4fa7 ae05 d8195f78e0ed
158 points

Maybe this time it will work

Preview db30fb60 44d4 4333 afff 56bb8f599a1a
84 points

Ksenia sobchak, 35, Russian, going to run against Putin next year for president.

Preview 0de29090 b45e 4fbd bb15 c584d156a530

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