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Dodged a bullet there

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86 points

My new favorite thing is adding smiles to pictures of Samuel L. Jackson.

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63 points

Someone flicked their cigarette while I was taking a picture of my friends last summer

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"Shirtception" - my favorite gift every year from my brother. We're now at level 4.

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82 points

Maybe this time it will work

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13 points

Ksenia sobchak, 35, Russian, going to run against Putin next year for president.

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The guy behind me made it look like I’m wearing a tiny hat.

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Faith in humanity restored

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105 points

What a smile

Preview 13574a28 cb2d 43f5 8a78 c5be0f188a7a
66 points

Marilyn Manson

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64 points

Black Tape Project

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Average life expectancy male 77.5 years. Female 83.2.

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102 points

Perfectly sums up the world right now.

Preview 562ad01d 353e 46ee a5a3 26450bb0a25a
111 points

The most 80´s photo

Preview cbb5862c 8a30 48c7 992d dbcc5a313bda
5 points

Taking the fish for a walk

Preview b801e940 730e 4364 ba08 04966de482a8
19 points

Meg Griffin - by Irina Sabetskaya

Preview 0cbd475e 9dce 4db5 8af0 f279430e4aef

Be carefull guys

Preview 2c35625a 08c8 4602 8d81 377d64b13a6e
19 points

A tiny problem most women will understand...

Preview a107fcf4 7b79 468d 8707 5b3d293a943e
52 points

When people ask me how am I holding up:

Preview f82f7e6c 6ca1 4d05 a26c aede0610f8cf
112 points

Maybe I can get a mother daughter 3 some?

Preview bceef60b 1d36 45b6 9575 bb1f7c661537
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