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2 men standing around with glow sticks in Hawaii

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122 points

Sometimes water leaks through the light fixture in my basement

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110 points

What are you doing here?

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95 points

A splash at sunset

Preview 9ee4614a 527f 46d3 8e98 30baa6cd3ff7
110 points

Lake Michigan lightning from my old balcony in Edgewater, Chicago

Preview 74c07e4a c5d9 40df b801 e0e257faf2b5
102 points

Questions that need to be answered

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129 points

Took this photo while traveling in a bus. First post

Preview e85977c8 01e9 41ab 950b 6d5f437192d7

The Sun rising while pelicans fly through the air and a kayaker enjoys the view.

Preview 2f5feaf2 3df4 443d ad93 0588a3118d0f

Canadian Sunset

Preview c41fab10 841c 4326 9329 be3e55aeec3a
30 points

Rays of Light

Preview d92e0408 cf6d 4f9d 9a63 84392a422c56
70 points

A picture that I took from Valkeakoski, Finland.

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63 points

Eclipse over Nashville

Preview 6b708f07 927b 4000 84c0 ebdd807ee28d
73 points

Twilight in Helsinki

Preview 3835e104 19ab 46ca 9a16 8befed86c94b
53 points

This tree

Preview 87f5816a 6a76 4f8b a260 9eab3e044b93
55 points

This seagull landed on the sun.

Preview 0d562794 f839 41b6 a048 68a95063ed51

Hurling a thermos of hot tea at -40°C/F near the Arctic Circle by Michael Davies

Preview 9768cc0a 97c2 4d0e ba1e 4ca8fbf5b796
51 points

A backflip off our tarzan rope

Preview 95b13b53 ce58 4e55 8ad9 35020634847e

Sunset on Mars

Preview 09b03a3c 20b8 4644 9a1e 302dd5e00a8a
23 points
Preview 0079f6fc b6ce 4bc0 9ffa 9aea4444a11c
155 points

My mom sent me this pic when she was out fishing. Looks like a whale decending into the depths of the ocean

Preview 9f020403 f302 4316 aa71 9e8bd6038ea0
95 points

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