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This bird decided to burst right out of the sun, spreading his wings perfectly straight

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Hurling a thermos of hot tea at -40°C/F near the Arctic Circle by Michael Davies

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15 points

The Truth is here

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To the guy who posted a pic of blue lava. This is actual 'blue' lava, caused sulphuric gases burning directly above and in the lava.

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16 points

The best photo I've ever taken with my smartphone

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11 points

NASA's contribution to the eclipse photos

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9 points

Sailors on deck of the a French Ballistic Missle Submarine.

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18 points

Different Phases of the Recent Solar Eclipse

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19 points

Solar Eclipse in New Mexico, November 2012

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12 points

This is how Andromeda would be seen if brighter.

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12 points

Best eclipse picture I've seen today tbh

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10 points

Orgasm for your eyes

Preview a8547156 ff89 469f 8e4a c33b34786cd8
12 points

My latest Acrylic Painting I just finished.

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Chilling on Pyramids

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Waves Cresting

Preview a71ccdbd a7c6 4440 8e74 0d9d85c4b690

A rare event occured today where all 17 of the earths moons were visible. such beauty!

Preview fa536e83 b3d2 4adc 8974 542888bf95fd
12 points

Cloud dog howling for the moon to come out

Preview 218f4f74 085e 4532 a471 8ac53f710182
14 points

That's a huge speaker on his moped.

Preview 8beaeac1 d905 4a39 94e6 648bf6c1d9e0
11 points

Totality Above Oregon Wildfires and Mountains

Preview 7db103fb 3764 4cce b964 f7da3ecd89b0
6 points

This picture (not mine) from lastnights thunderstorm in Finland is serious wallpaper material.

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