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Yo Sarah, Come Over Here and Set Your Ass Down

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123 points

Dammit Grant...

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98 points

Meanwhile, In Walmart...

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86 points

a big decision was made here today

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105 points

Bookshelf House / Shinsuke Fujii Architects, Japan, 2014

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65 points

This is the type of guy you read about in math problems...

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82 points

When you own a flip phone you make your own tinder

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88 points

Wow, I’ve been wearing these wrong all these years

Preview 8a12d87e 55ee 4162 987b e1e999eede51
64 points

WTF lmao

Preview c7810008 af70 439f 8ffb b040431e6dda
99 points

Working in IT, I can relate

Preview 3555fbbc f787 48a6 8f3f 8dad61f72642
62 points

Everyone is locking up tidpods but my local Costco was giving out free samples

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68 points

I'll see you tomorrow, my half-priced pretties.

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101 points

"This is my son, officer."

Preview 20f2e249 dfce 4e4d ae53 eeb60fa527d5
106 points

Saw this on a menu at a Mexican restaurant. Never seen anything like this before. Anyone familIar with this?

Preview d696c81b acc4 4975 a33a 51e111d2d17a
112 points

Minute Maid going for the liquid detergent approach

Preview 8268a704 e874 489c 876c 54906c513ff9
87 points

I will pass on the lunch meat.. thanks anyway. Part II

Preview 904a3547 1f35 459e 89f9 75eac6814ac8
97 points

~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

Preview 20438d9c 18a8 432e 8480 ee3943215269
76 points

how to be annoying at the supermarket

68 points

Nobody calls them that. Not one person.

Preview c62fe9bb 4e30 421d ab14 4785c4552848
191 points

While monitoring a client's CCTV footage I saw this...

Preview 199c4d4e d3b3 4654 8737 925cd3bc80f8

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