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Wow, I’ve been wearing these wrong all these years

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21 points

WTF lmao

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Working in IT, I can relate

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Everyone is locking up tidpods but my local Costco was giving out free samples

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"This is my son, officer."

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Saw this on a menu at a Mexican restaurant. Never seen anything like this before. Anyone familIar with this?

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Minute Maid going for the liquid detergent approach

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I will pass on the lunch meat.. thanks anyway. Part II

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~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

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how to be annoying at the supermarket


Nobody calls them that. Not one person.

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While monitoring a client's CCTV footage I saw this...

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Nah, I’m good....

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The cook who burns

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74 points

I wish I was as cool as this girl...

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85 points

Working in IT, I can relate

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And its cheaper than therapy

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49 points

Not mine.....

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He took about 10 minutes before he finally chose a beer. Idk why I carpool with this guy.

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13 points

When you're building a house and need to do a lot of measuring

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