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An old worn out sticker on a shelf in a local juice shop, Bangalore, southern India

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What a bargain!

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14 points

And its cheaper than therapy

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12 points

Frozen toilet paper section!

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9 points

Racism is everywhere, even our supermarkets are not safe.

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13 points

Wholesome dad spotted

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72 points

Only 9.99 ¥

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10 points

Prepared fresh

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10 points

High af....

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4 points

Based Gordon

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3 points

It's payday and I'm like...

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7 points

The dude..

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Me: "wow I can't believe I'm grocery shopping by myself I'm such an adult" Also me:

Preview 79fc1fac 7ee0 49f3 a7fc cbc30b142430
20 points

When Your Annoying Girlfriend Thinks She's Being Cute

Preview 454727eb 553f 4a2d 9b6b 2cc5de08309b
190 points

Eat bananas ...

Preview 623698a9 b737 4555 9367 18d783900a05
113 points

Im 22 and my mom still does this

Preview 74590e96 0f84 41ea b583 673714364e7f
123 points

Firefighters in California (Remi Gaillard)

Preview 661f46e6 5b01 4f7a b018 5942015952ef
288 points

Well he's not wrong

Preview 42ee046f b9bb 487f bd8a 364c110e197b
139 points

Well damn.

Preview b21e2d90 efc0 45ba 87db 3fed70ba218a
104 points

Meanwhile in Walmart.

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279 points

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