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Passion for taking pictures

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10 points

Might be the evilest carpet I've seen

Preview 2f88db73 54b7 4b4b 9864 25b56bca74fc
29 points

Hiroshima Orizuru Tower - Hiroshi Sambuichi. Looks like an awesome place for a sparing session / fight scene

Preview cdb0c0e4 a1d7 470a ba13 b979f5035e7d
11 points

“Close the lid” they said... Zeke is apparently smarter than that.

Preview d9a43d89 e96c 4611 971c 3b9cc9e618b6

Just a woman on a public bus smoking heroin off of tinfoil..

Preview fd484dea 9284 4f5c b83f 13f7ced59746
95 points

Let's hang out

Preview 456d71b7 11db 4347 85d1 64d4bcd8223d
99 points

Bout ta get socked

Preview 6d2e359f 2381 4e0b 9f61 adcee36a49b9
109 points

Skeleton of a frog that got stuck between the door jamb

Preview 8e09fc45 662a 4dd4 b167 1b3d87582b47
101 points

I'm no architect but I think the design called for more bolts.

Preview 2f3d833e 6a57 4af3 a0a8 462f7b867ac3
102 points

Runaway train hits the water

Preview e9b904ea 899f 404a 9c47 9e82b894e6e8
100 points

BBQ Grill for sale in DFW area. Cant seem to figure out whats wrong with it.........

Preview 87a20c91 e246 40ae a4c1 4081e4d6b3c1
75 points

Please, dude, it's time to clear your ashtray..

Preview 3ed0f99d 3f2d 43b9 bc4c 30a3ade5b29f
89 points

Galerie Vivienne, Paris, France

Preview e9fcdf40 7b5c 49ff 85da 4a24be8dece3
23 points

Remember the creepy “Married to car” guy from a few days back? This is his arm.

Preview 3fef2f56 6cae 45e1 ae96 f035356ab062
99 points

Sunrise lollipop

Preview 2c6afbf6 c49e 45d2 a6ad fa09f73b947b

Living spaces sinked into concrete floor

Preview 7f87632c cc28 41f6 b86b 4c8b35326a56
24 points

The Inside of an Empty Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Preview 3e3ee791 2463 4f64 b68b 7bb65425171e
75 points

It’s over mannequin.

Preview 56665e4c 1095 40cd bd5a 7a1858f5e4d5
69 points

I’m a high school teacher. My student pulled a fucking pillow out of his backpack and went to sleep during exam week. I was honestly impressed.

Preview 86ab4832 d99d 427d 963c 2301ed8a4042
93 points

You WHAT your dog??!?!

Preview 55528e21 09e1 43a0 ad64 1e6deffef301
82 points

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