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Are we a little tired?

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120 points

Our cat blocks the stairs to get some attention

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Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan

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134 points

Open air living area extension on a deck overlooking the bay, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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97 points

Olivia doesn't like carpentry

Preview 93204740 1701 47bc 91c4 9281d398de67
130 points

The Nephew's Last crash..!

Preview a13c5371 7e05 4fd5 9578 6bf5173c477a
135 points

This entertains me.. A stairway to nowhere

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250 points

I was pranked by one of my friends yesterday with the help of this backup camera prank. Here is the pic

Preview 4e41897d aaad 4b17 8f57 fd2b6243d188
205 points


Preview 1ad8c9a6 ce7e 4a7a 910b 4806fee08fed
139 points

My cat went inside organs.

Preview 0ed7d926 6a06 422c 9b6c 6ed775020854

WHAT THE... oh

Preview 5eb8d019 b772 4c36 bd2b 8962ebac6bfc
147 points

My friend's cat during a visit :)

Preview d0cd6366 48a3 4fe5 8162 35c4a156b503
162 points

This squirrel who climbs to my second story window sill every day just to troll my cat

Preview d15c2abe 24f4 4bdb 8cf5 030236cce593

Ahh yes just what i wanted to watch on my flight

Preview e69dca6c 62a7 472a aa35 5031449863ab
177 points


Preview 8ede3b49 14e5 4226 92a6 f83526a9aa8a
288 points

Do you mind?

Preview d8fb114a d884 440f bbf0 d0cb1bd376ff

I seriously felt like Indiana Jones placing the sandbag to nab the priceless gem when in reality I was slipping a wedge of pita wrap in my boys face whilst he was sleeping #dadoftheyear

Preview 6e712781 8a4a 4edc b175 24c0ef573a5c
133 points

So I guess I won’t be having any Froot Loops.

Preview 2188a3fd 707b 4db3 956d 04fe3af0ba49

He’s stuck between the window and the bars.

Preview 32862d42 ec7b 47f7 ba58 d17927fbbf6e

This dog who refused to move for anyone passing

Preview ae4ecd67 d444 4e8a a714 29c3c9c78f1b

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