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Rustic Gentlemen’s Croft in Greece.

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21 points

Canadian Sunset

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11 points

Isn’t this the cutest

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24 points

Camaro with additional horse power.

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16 points

Azure blue indoor pool at hearst castle.

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22 points

This spiral stairs inside a tower

Preview b25e71d5 2c04 48a3 bda9 e78b2e01ea9b
12 points

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

Preview 29a8f783 416e 4d73 8b54 00c5ddd936ec
76 points

By far my favorite photo I've taken of the Golden Gate bridge.

Preview faaee775 52ee 4aa8 a644 42ec1814e473
23 points

Spiral stairs inside a tower

Preview c9a164b9 aef1 442c 9288 752586a6fbd1
11 points

Just hanging around

Preview 4052ea9b 8a64 44f9 9e71 568799b6dff6

We had a sudden burst of rain.

Preview abd600a6 ffe8 40d4 902a a23d29cd0c1c
21 points

New York City from the Brooklyn Bridge

Preview 6e2e3a62 80bc 48c8 a55c 0e45b19a3277
21 points

Just bought a 35kg's of LEGO complete sets for $250

Preview e8c5e645 7ba3 417b 8a2d 69f2a81eab3b
20 points

My boy dreams of his future... he has such a positive outlook.

Preview 91c97f09 c51f 42ea b873 4f2d83cdb1fa
17 points

California Poppy Tiled Stairs, San Francisco

Preview 10d71787 a0e9 4a63 8881 ecfa20de88a6
7 points

My dysautonomic disorder sometimes causes poor circulation

Preview d09d4d40 f424 41fb 9070 cfac8d47cf75
79 points

Trolled an entire Walmart on black Friday sale


Subway pranks


Female tech support scammer watches porn with me and likes it. Hahaha


Possible phone wallpaper #105

Preview c35800e1 d22e 4c81 b080 cbf7460ca599
4 points

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