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These chairs at McDonalds

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68 points

This parking job

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This is Accurate ...

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65 points

set this guy up to get my wife this morning......it worked great but my ears are still ringing

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54 points

Thin Metal Staircase

Preview d81294e3 13ad 457c 95c5 cdbfeaed284e
52 points

Floating staircase in modern home, Walla Walla, WA

Preview 9b0d5b76 edd7 4826 b6d1 1ba4047e2dac
64 points

Ever take your train off any sweet jumps?

Preview 62204528 33ce 494e 887f 12058f9634dd
96 points

Now it all makes sense....

Preview 1f6d323f 44be 46c3 807b 706a50cc7b4e
101 points

Goddammit Steve

Preview 8eae8c28 bbdf 4005 98cf a5b3519a85f6
116 points

Doggo road trip

Preview ae45ae8e fe45 4081 a10e 4c75a8dfafd9

Arrrrrrrrrrrr ye coming to the wedding?

Preview 4fe6bba9 357f 476f bdec 08418ccd91c3
95 points

Awesome helmet

Preview 04b10c2b 1570 40cb 8630 63e187dd2eb8
54 points

On clearance at homegoods ...

Preview 2a5f98e2 6508 4960 8bdd dda672930c7c
95 points

Finally compiled pictures from all the fun road trips my wife and I take!

Preview add2e4d6 dfce 4121 84b1 c5e2c9d3b974
107 points

My cactus looks like a rabbit dabbing

Preview ed486202 8651 489d 9902 158053a8ce0a
89 points

They never told me the way how should I sit

Preview 81f89ec2 a4af 469d 8228 3a6ab3fb6716
86 points

Phone was falling off my steering wheel

Preview f04aa2df 64fe 45ff 96f5 5a833f4e0b3d

Relatable, very relatable

Preview 3d6af5e4 be57 46e8 bd94 76fa3a1eafdc
82 points


Preview 1bdd01d8 f8f8 49fa ae2e 5190f858c372
61 points

When any form of physical activity is completely against your core beliefs.

Preview 64e965d5 dc62 48a9 8106 2ec23bacfb89
68 points

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