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You should never tell a lie

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83 points

WTF is going on with this guy’s leg?

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51 points

Gooder Boy

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87 points

My boyfriend's pinky toe after catching a football in mid-air and landing on a rock.

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98 points

A collage of legs

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45 points

Had to give my phone to the nurse when I went into have my finger partially amputated woke up to this gem

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86 points

Sat on a dagger moth caterpillar while driving. Didnt realize what was going on for 10 minutes

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56 points

Cloudboye visits the dogtor

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51 points

I think you need to remove your tooth.

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53 points

Get motorcycle they said it's will be fun they said...

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59 points

Wtf fun fact #2

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109 points

Root and Boot

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24 points

Angry because you waited too much in ER? Think again after looking at this picture.

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216 points

Wrong button

Preview 4d1a6ff1 ded5 47d1 ac29 15bce650cfb7
69 points

36 Amazing Facts About the 36 Genders


"We must delve deeper into the understanding of black holes." - Stephen Hawking

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245 points

To infinity, and behind

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160 points

Dafuq is this innovation

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