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Barista ain't koi about her skills.

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45 points

A cake of galactic proportions

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8 points

When your gingerbread house fails...add dinosaur.

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14 points

The Iron Pepper

Preview 8142d181 3e8c 4741 ae26 dafcc4ec460f
7 points

This peach tasted great until...

Preview f76f246a f9e1 4269 8263 946aaf255306
14 points

Sedimentary cake

Preview c271048d 60a8 4aaa 8c3a 765ce8e8de09
6 points

What a great way to start a day.

Preview dea28aa1 2f6a 444f 82b8 80660371f01b
239 points

Birthday party starts well this year ...

Preview 70226174 f1bc 4ac3 84e9 e01401336c7c
184 points

Italian skin composition

Preview 29f7e5ed 685c 4aa9 9379 88b599eb687c
191 points

Coffee Art

Preview 4c0e5317 7770 454b b068 c3173286e7a0
143 points

If you send a picture of a dish to Gordon Ramsay he will roast you, his replies are hilarious

Preview 2728d896 7b03 4db5 8093 1b0c2442dc7c
131 points

Do Cheerios count as engagement rings ?

Preview bf700203 8895 4d17 a1fd 413d87049a85
153 points

WATCH THIS If You're Having A Tough Day, These Cute Penguins Will Cheer You Up!

258 points

Dragon ball zzz

Preview 40e75e7f 7af1 4364 a26c 530a059bbf34
193 points

The struggle is real

Preview 201e5566 fb77 45d2 89ef 857474ab97a0
293 points

They look kinda mutated..

Preview cfc470fc a166 4d35 b301 2ce213ec62bb
87 points

They were all out of butterscotch ripple

Preview 05616c64 dc39 455e 8716 3cf952cb30a0
116 points

My best friend made my birthday cake this year.

Preview 0ebbc4c9 7170 4250 a039 579d576c2abd
93 points

18 years of suffering

Preview d53d294a 1f48 41a9 8f35 d0ad5b593d64
277 points

Damn rings

Preview 8b9e580d 4d27 48a0 a8da 45a04f08b394
157 points

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