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Bubble Glasses

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A surfer catching air

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Surface Tension

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101 points

The moment just before impact.

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My brother before getting hit by a bodyboarder

Preview 5497a83e 6f33 4c8c b0c6 8d3fb2053508

You can't be angry at a puppa this cute

Preview 79cf4eab e8e2 41e4 92fe 354def121bf0
56 points

Hang in there!

Preview 1db07095 1ee1 4459 bed5 91737343ae30
56 points

If she doesn't close her mouth she is gonna choke on that rainbow.

Preview cb76e375 1df8 4b31 a913 b8a4d40f7ab6
162 points

Did you know?

Preview 95405953 ea04 41e5 9c08 f5fe4bc6c160
54 points

Expertly framed.

Preview fc96cda4 a0f2 42de a1e7 eb1db6f8b793

It looks like I'm holding the water hose...

Preview bc878b09 e3ac 4081 a60f 19130d684326

My dog likes to swim

Preview 80715028 3322 4c40 b327 101c5da9efa5

Because O2

Preview 8bee2e05 29cc 433b 8f3d 0752aa709b9c
15 points


Preview 29b6dc67 b33c 4eb9 a6dd 083ae057027c
87 points

One of the most beautiful soundtracks I've ever heard

Preview b210436a f2d0 4d85 81d5 328c01815c77
98 points

When you type "Google" into Google Chrome's search bar

Preview 2b5cc4e3 ec56 4e93 8603 168397c417b6
256 points

Jesus approves

Preview 4df05ce8 f822 477f b7b7 9e65d4185b4a
158 points

You're going to be dol-fine!

Preview 880eb6ec cc21 458f 96b0 6fd7d5ee334d
125 points


Preview 2d86c90f 3c43 40fe ad13 3bdc3430cc35
228 points

The waterbending skills are strong with this one

Preview 1f4ce05a 959e 41a5 8016 5fe378f71776
205 points

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