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When you're drunk af and start making friends with everyone

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How to design a cool chracter

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11 points

Him: Will you marry me? Her: No. Him: OK then

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14 points

He's still a live b*tchez!

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7 points

I was briefly king of the hill

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Where is the money Lebowski?

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14 points

Expertly framed.

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Mushroom shaped iceberg

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This is a beluga seen from below. A shape which should be familiar to you #mermaid

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138 points

A Blue concrete floor.

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US swimmer perfectly shows the phenomenon of surface tension

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0_0 ---> 0 ___ 0

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Nice going Stingy!

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13 points

So this just happened today

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10 points

Wait, what??

Preview f487036d cb9b 4be5 8c96 b20f9f7797ee
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US swimmer perfectly shows the phenomenon of surface tension

Preview 95f390fb 604c 4f36 9419 e1857040b38d
14 points

Blue Lagoon

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6 points

Had a dolphin jump in for a photo op.

Preview 5a9f98a5 5847 4bb6 8011 4be02cca2753

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Preview e942509a 4ce2 43cd 80e2 47949e3f9a5b
14 points

Doggo don't like ducko

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