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Such a beautiful Merman

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Every time

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24 points

There was a fidget spinner at the bottom.

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22 points

A Leopard Seal Feeds A Diver Food Instead Of Killing Him

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76 points

This doggo has drown syndrome!!

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24 points

My friend, a rope swing professional, falling into a 15 ft deep lake two summers ago

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Corfu, Greece

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10 points

Good to know

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19 points

Photobombing at its finest

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17 points

Just a seal riding a whale like a surfboard

Preview ccf09308 72a5 41af 97a4 60daa75bd5d2
18 points

Adorable baby hippo

Preview 119781c5 e740 4c9b bc0b 6c3cbbe0b223
16 points

Jumping into the abyss

Preview dbef4f68 d459 45ca a899 bb1b4d79358f
19 points

Not jealous, just envy.

Preview a7917ea1 3759 46f1 b4be af6ad9423e5a
84 points

Huge lines, super expensive, poor customer treatment, scams, low adherence to english, locals pissing on the streets and fake glamour

Preview d4664f94 61ba 40bf 92dc 8d57c249bc6e


Preview b8df8ba4 9a4f 47ee 9f7c 4ab338fcfd28
24 points

Please leave me alone for a day .

Preview 69ccaeb2 c190 4e21 975b 58ba6224795b
22 points

I poop where I want!

Preview 8994cc96 ffaf 4f77 bf8c 67e3bef968bf

You can't be angry at a puppa this cute

Preview 79cf4eab e8e2 41e4 92fe 354def121bf0
16 points

Friend-zone : Level INFINITY

Preview e554f3d8 d8a6 4c1d a601 4999ae3712f0
24 points

Is it already here or not?

Preview 8d909c67 5c7c 4c10 b2fd 5a36b71c4706
9 points

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