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Michael Phelps Races A Great White Shark According To Computer Simulation And Guess Who'd Win?

12 points

Why pay more for Maldive when you can pay less for the same experience in Romania

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9 points

Hello darkness

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11 points

It looks like I'm holding the water hose...

Preview bc878b09 e3ac 4081 a60f 19130d684326

I don't enjoy smelling you from across the gym

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8 points

Humpbacks in Monterey Bay

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6 points

My dog likes to swim

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53 points

I dont even know what to say

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13 points

Great White is about to eat a Sea Lion

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What the hell would be the occasion for this stock photo series?!

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Let's touch tips, they said It will be fun, they said

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58 points

Is she in the air...or on the ground?

Preview 9a1f6b39 1df5 4a5b b436 a8b3a00516ee

Just before superficial water tension breaks

Preview 7bd7abb0 cd03 4471 ab47 ff024d9d5141

I think he'll succeed

Preview 764b494a 6105 4862 97aa f55988bf5787
14 points

Moments before the pain

Preview 4b838be7 cbdc 43cb 9a64 cd29d1612edb

Wish I could tear off my money to pieces to get more food.

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Good time for a selfie...

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