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Zero fucks were given that day

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62 points

My cousin made this for her mom on mother's day.

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89 points

Surface Tension

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First world problems

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86 points

Interspecies Friendship

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This ocean isn't big enough for the two of us.

Preview 5566cee5 0fc0 4b85 963e 2772bd6e83d3

Family photos by the sea...

Preview e8d797a5 9a8f 4d25 86c5 7dbf2b9074ab
72 points

Boys and Girls

Preview 55760a06 9d3a 4b45 bd41 eb095f36e21f
97 points

Bad joke eel

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73 points

Seattle aquarium -o-

Preview 79fc9090 1a61 4ce7 bb5a 375b17a74f82

A headless swimmer

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Marble-lined pool room in "The Ned" - a hotel and dining club located in a converted London bank.

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29 points

Who else want to live here?

Preview 5cf935a0 811b 48b6 aed1 d5b61edf69f0
69 points


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It helps better than anything else

Preview 4d04e043 96ba 4289 99ad ba6ffca77fe6
77 points

The moment just before impact.

Preview ce1b2a05 2a06 49bb bc5f 080816ee9b29

A starfish with problems on his mind

Preview 9b075186 cc1f 425b a779 62adcd8611de
66 points

Man with face of FISH

Preview f56a6c5d 3df2 4b3a b02e c1a0f5479c42

I like this idea( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Preview 54c35477 e263 46c6 b1bc 64dc9b4d7fe1
89 points

Unless they have a bigger gun and better skills

Preview 0dd39798 03e8 4e09 b2ba 1e525d34f6db
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