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Winter Snow Storm - lightning in the clouds revealed by filter. Unfiltered and more pics for comparison in comments

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I'm not sure what's real anymore

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Thanks for our first 10,000


So I guess I've neglected my land line for awhile...

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Deathtrap - Explanation below...

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Are we going to hell? Pranking a Prayer hotline!


Learning how to play Zelda


Spent the afternoon installing these. My wife, ladies and gentlemen.

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Thunder! nananana nana na na Thunder!

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I only use pig paperclips in my office.

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How To Build Low-Budget "Legend Of Zelda" Props

231 points

This Nintendo Switch Teardown Video Gives You A Look Inside The Game Console

234 points

Insane Guys Carve Up A Nintendo Switch With A Waterjet, But The Device Keeps on Gaming

510 points

Nintendo Super Bowl Ad Brings The Switch And "Legend Of Zelda" To The Big Game

241 points

Bond,james bond ?

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Engineered in China

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I think they want in...

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