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The fuck it ain't!

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196 points

Stranger things kids seem to handle the hosts well..

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186 points

I cracked up

Preview 6aff79a8 befb 41d2 addb 2966989189a5
161 points

A Reminder About The Forth of July

Preview c6aea8fb 13bb 45fd a193 e96e8a29f92b
205 points

You know you’re screwed when this happens

Preview 9f342b81 151c 47d9 ae43 b35d37a654b6
140 points

Wait a minute

Preview c4fc1f5d 0b6f 4a05 88fe 9626931a143e
112 points

What one is better

Preview a9e8fb23 c2c9 4984 9cdf 8c7b72fb5c33
114 points

Adults deserve stickers too!

Preview 9a91fab9 c0ff 44f0 a6c1 70cc2ba83113
114 points

I noticed there were a lot of apps with lettered logos so... Speaks for itself.

Preview cd08da4e acf8 4f96 a966 724e8812f13c
91 points

My friend told me that the video I sent didn't load....

Preview 96115654 c73c 4af0 9970 91e3440ae2b1
105 points

Dating in a nutshell.

Preview e88ba8ea 17ee 4d80 ab31 0d063fb2f40e
113 points

the last melonbender

Preview 12f017a6 d9fd 4fdf b491 0457d2281396
96 points

Found this on the windows of a turkish club room around the corner...

Preview e8320d48 1167 4682 9c1a 8dd714430974
123 points

A more accurate recreation of the PAC-MAN meme.

Preview 3e62d188 0f3c 4a65 8cb1 c1d2e240c702
151 points

The airplane has been hijacked and is crashing into the data tower

Preview 3ef9ae61 cf2b 42c3 b1f9 4255fcc00e3c
115 points

2 Minutes Left in the Game

Preview 414439e2 85e0 48b3 9255 0533a6ca7337

This "serious at first glance" sign.

Preview a9c9e68f 823b 4b7f a400 00f1e79d42f2
136 points

Reasons my wife tries to get my attention

Preview 1a2f305b 1ef1 45f7 8b65 2bf77366f63a
119 points

Truth has been spoken

Preview 30c2c0ac e8c8 4cf3 9a43 7a718e4d8780
117 points

Where can I buy a dog this cool?

Preview df2dee40 0658 4592 929a 74d70e50569f
99 points

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