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Dating in a nutshell.

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97 points

the last melonbender

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71 points

A more accurate recreation of the PAC-MAN meme.

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97 points

The airplane has been hijacked and is crashing into the data tower

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2 Minutes Left in the Game

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This "serious at first glance" sign.

Preview a9c9e68f 823b 4b7f a400 00f1e79d42f2
81 points

Reasons my wife tries to get my attention

Preview 1a2f305b 1ef1 45f7 8b65 2bf77366f63a
86 points

Truth has been spoken

Preview 30c2c0ac e8c8 4cf3 9a43 7a718e4d8780
84 points

Where can I buy a dog this cool?

Preview df2dee40 0658 4592 929a 74d70e50569f
71 points

I am a realist, the glass is too big.

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74 points

I'm waiting

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97 points

Intel CEO sold $24m of his shares before a serious design flaw was made public. This is their proposed new sticker

Preview b824446d 4940 4335 a303 e86ce2bcf32f
89 points


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74 points

Cheap tanning place

Preview 7da0eb8d 06e8 4604 84d1 856a5351ed88
72 points

20+ Awesome Illustrations That Show There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World

Preview 8c02bc64 b8d8 4bdd add4 e24ba4e3a8cf
142 points

Omae wa mou shindeiru!

Preview 4630df3a 0738 47f1 9a1f 6423bf272d41
65 points

Hard to admit it but true anyways

Preview 3288a0d6 18f1 4c44 8cd8 f3aff417b127
77 points


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76 points

Raptor-proof doors

Preview 7a74547a 5b6d 4776 a617 6415b3ea75e2
110 points

Things countryballs can't of get into

Preview 81a01e33 ab0f 4914 8b75 c0176623bec4

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