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Been on here for 10 years. this could not be any more true

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Norway Not Into Joke

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Sometimes it feels like passwords exist just to keep me out of my own accounts.

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73 points

Guess the country

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21 points

Sad truth

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Run Queenie Run

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Since I really love travelling, Finally got my first tattoo

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One of my coworkers has this on his locker.

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How to make yourself a mug of tea

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Dictator, sorry, President Erdogan be like “We never wanted to.”

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Plot Twist

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What are cool laws in your country?

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The entire population of Houston

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Kinda expected kinda not

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Group travel plans be like

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60 points

I'm Staying Home Tonight...

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Well guy I think I f**ked the world up..

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23 points

Selling a bike

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69 points

It's official

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