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Apparently my sound bar was in the way of his nap.

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She stole her spot

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This cat rocks

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66 points

I baked a strawberry cake last night, someone helped themselves to the frosting..

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My cats elusive tongue-flick

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Startled mid-groom.

Preview a925e251 effc 41ab a37b 9642b631e013
50 points

One of my favorite pictures of our cat, Lilly.

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20 points

Caught the lil dude unawares...

Preview ded9af3f 3717 4ebc 8081 f458e230300e
41 points

Curious cat

Preview 4c0af3fd 209e 4b55 937f 83a6941c7279

Caught her doing something...not sure what though

Preview 5ed9a3e0 69b3 48ee 83fa 2ce0b759c166
57 points

Monorail cat

Preview fddfa79f ec41 4d9e 959f 6623a5f07604
45 points

It must be destroyed

Preview 4d226e5a c672 46e6 88b8 c73518c4942f

NOBODY MOVE! I see a mouse.

Preview 24308101 0e3d 4087 8cc0 5117e39cdc24
24 points

He decided to sit on top of her, because she was in his spot.

Preview 5d7dcd13 21ea 4d8b 946b 866e7e0f8c1a

You didn't see anything!

Preview 7aeaf1fd ecf3 42e9 9f29 bed727a64bf2
35 points

I moved in my chair...

Preview 2f88597b 5dcc 46a6 8f14 43392012bea5
60 points

The last time I forgot to feed my cats, I had 3 cats.

Preview 5e6a6824 950a 4e9d 9c58 309db5d330b9
62 points

Oliver offers a dissenting opinion

Preview c7653496 67fe 48bf 94d8 ccfe0614ec81

He licked it so it’s his now :(

Preview 4ab9e1ef 7eb6 49ef b3cc 82d520c873f4

Real Life problems

Preview 040ccb40 8e2a 44ea 96ed 4592d1f37e88
94 points

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