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A college of Izzy, my always-spooked kitty.

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14 points

Haven't you ever heard of knocking??

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59 points

I see your stretching greyhound jerk and raise you a stretching fluffy jerk

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Someone moved from the couch.

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51 points

Izzy is such a goof

Preview b61d945c ddd8 4058 86de dbb0d520f69c
56 points

His face when I brought out his toy

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39 points

That's not a bird...

Preview 2c7fb9d5 1cec 414e b2f8 16a61bc20c89
17 points

I'm just gonna sit here

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Preview d083ce1e b849 48cb b59f 7205408e3b9f
47 points


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17 points

What you gonna do?

Preview 8fe65435 4e38 4f74 bd78 0fab8ac6d778
15 points

My cats face mid yawn frightens me more than it should

Preview 44b909ed 7683 47b5 996e ab2729546042

I give you a new box and this is how you treat it??

Preview 3304cde2 f9d9 4876 8204 131808d4e214

Cats will rule the world

Preview 5b2c5941 6a97 428f b278 a42918dbd094
15 points

I...liked this pic of my cat.

Preview 014e7dc2 6b7e 49d0 b759 0938a08ba544
16 points

Caught my fur baby mid yawn

Preview 1944f02a 4bf9 4596 8701 3cb87d79cc60

I heard you like Punisher so here's a cat.

Preview 261750f2 90d2 49cf b7cf e158feac8ba4

Studying for finals means battling for the keyboard

Preview 241a7425 d5ef 4096 bd7d 54334e93b251

Startled by the thunder

Preview 819b6b1c adb1 47ca b007 91037b4b5473
12 points

Note To Self: Check The Dimensions Of Everything Before Ordering On Amazon

Preview e0ea2f93 6f0b 42f3 a3f1 f2023ee2886e
24 points

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