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lil guy's hiding from his momma

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Mid-Nap Camera Flash Startle

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18 points

Hurr durr I'm a human

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14 points

We found this kitty nearly dead as a kitten. Now she's a part of the family.

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18 points

Those eyes.

Preview e2714a4c 03a5 47d6 9595 446c9f1eaae8
15 points

Cat recognises his owner in a video chat

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51 points

Im not dat fut

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17 points

Crept up on her while she was stalking a Squirrel outside

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17 points

Baby ocelot

Preview ea4b0f33 e1c8 4dd5 8e90 9f5dd3560ba8
18 points

I picture of my cat, because 9GAG likes cats, right?

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17 points

What a skills

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69 points

This my GF's cat. She bit me in the leg. This was her face, when I caught her.

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18 points

Couldn't find my cats head, so I poked her tummy...

Preview 666fc4ec 19f4 403f b8fa b9c745498766
15 points

Achievement accomplished

Preview 1c9fa7d0 b433 4d34 922e 819b25a5323f
54 points

I'm not even really sure what he saw.

Preview 8456a4de 9862 44d4 836a aa3aa33338d9
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14 points

Startled by thunder.

Preview cebc5fb6 5a32 4992 b121 67d16b2ed215

Looking out the window at the bird feeder!

Preview 03eb1725 7b69 4abf b2f6 26dfaca1f0c8
17 points

This is Churro. I found him hiding behind a dumpster, scared, lonely, hurt and starving. Now he is a beautiful healthy and very loving cat!

Preview 08e216cb 033c 4b2e 99b8 db30a1042e94
20 points

My cat took a selfie

Preview 4897a0a6 da07 40c9 8a37 6f4ff3548a0c

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