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Top floor Berlin apartment with balcony

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13 points

Zoe getting her morning caffeine for zoomies.

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Chalet Zermatt Peak, Switzerland

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14 points

Bedroom with slanted glass ceiling,

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10 points

Dining room of a Manhattan penthouse

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9 points

Sophisticated Bedroom - Berkeley, CA

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18 points

Library of a Neoclassical-style Long Island, New York, summer house

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14 points

Cozy living nook in our home.

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13 points

Blue views from an oceanfront estate, La Jolla Shores, CA

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16 points

Jigga Wuttt???

Preview 9b81ba14 d16b 4320 a799 00fa439368d6
24 points

Inside the “Miner Road House”

Preview 199c3b9a cabf 4e0e 9962 c51f8a4a57ac
18 points

Nothing too spectacular, but our bedroom is starting to feel really cozy!

Preview 2c6a5755 a94d 4fa6 a88d 1ab070fea66f
12 points

Room in Moscow, Russia.

Preview d80dfe57 40ba 4072 9bf4 0bf6630d33da
6 points

Cozy Kitchen

Preview 980dbebf 5f13 48e4 834b 9e8b768b11ec
6 points

Future penthouse unit at 220 Central Park South in Manhattan

Preview db229fe1 5448 447d aaaa 723f7679ac65
19 points

Living room at One57 in Manhattan

Preview 4f8d417f 7213 4845 b8c9 ffa36b4f7245
10 points

They ALMOST completed the ladder to the food before they got caught.

Preview 2cf22e84 47ad 4106 8962 b18f99d98964
33 points

Clearwater House in Niseko, Japan | by Seshimo Architects

Preview 21f0c7e0 31ba 451e a4bf 4c65e9cfcba8
15 points

Kitchen in a penthouse at 432 Park Ave in Manhattan .

Preview 508c5e30 494f 4812 880c 4d3723a7372c
24 points

A very luminous and elegantly integrated living space in a house near London. I really like the way inner and outer areas interact .

Preview 863d773c fffb 4eab a195 84857181a451
14 points

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