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Seating area with a brick fireplace and bluestone floors in an open cedar pool house, East Hampton, Suffolk County, New York

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66 points

Renovated kitchen in Seattle

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75 points

Inside the World’s Only Private 787 Dreamliner

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72 points

Bedroom with incredible view, East Quogue, New York

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62 points

Built in 1955, Frank Lloyd Wright’s classic hemicycle house, TIRRANNA

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58 points

Minimalist dining room in the $85M Bronfman-Haupton house in Bel Air

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66 points

Rustic country kitchen

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21 points

Modern industrial bachelor pad infused with warmth in Karaköy, Istanbul.

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53 points

Spacious marble bathroom with a porch and views of the sea in Carmel, CA

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70 points

Tall spacious living room in a renovated apartment which added a pool that is visible through thick glass panels, Vila Nova Conceição, South Zone, São Paulo, Brazil

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23 points

'Oh, you're home...'

Preview 95b8937f a8b4 4b1c 89f9 f867cd418584

Kitchen features a custom ceiling with exposed joists and a skylight together with wooden accents made from reclaimed wood in this home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Preview acb0c96a 3d5d 4492 aad4 597fc525fb84
43 points

Double-height open living space in a beach house used as a family residence and studio located near Opahi Bay, Mahurangi West, North Island, New Zealand

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17 points

The Smith House, Connecticut

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18 points

Case Study House No. 22, designed by architect Pierre Koenig, photo by Julius Shulman

Preview b1c2e59b ae77 49bb bac7 9472da585a43
23 points

Open air living, more pics in comments

Preview a061831a 4b40 4c4d 9f07 9a6825d600e1
45 points

Beautifully restored Neutra home in the Hollywood Hills.

Preview 48c8c573 6f5c 41fc 8376 6830a045ab12
12 points

The Sky Loft. Fourteen foot ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and views for miles.

Preview 08857eaa d502 4396 b5b6 872cdc2c7181
21 points

Hotel Revier / Carlos Martinez Architekten, Switzerland, 2017

Preview 6a7b6bcb f7e6 4e13 bdd7 b29cda4625e7
59 points

Zoku Loft Amsterdam, video of loft in comments

Preview 042aa569 19af 4bc2 b07c 6954bc95c3ea
72 points

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