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Room in Singapore 🇸🇬

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12 points

Spacious living room, located in Manhattan

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19 points

Connecticut Farmhouse's enclosed Porch features Reclaimed Barn Wood, Granite, Handmade Brick + Victorian Windows

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16 points

Living Room - eastern France

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15 points

Open air vaulted ceiling living room with a view of the landscape, West Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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23 points

Modern White Kitchen, Bay Area, US

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15 points

Bright, Clean Mid-Century Breakfast Nook balanced by Warm Wood & Plaids - Calgary, Alberta

Preview 7363ff99 78fc 4824 b602 b4de8d66076a
14 points

Loft in The W Los Angeles

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17 points

Steel frame extension to a renovated house bringing natural light to the dining area, Bangkok, Thailand

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14 points

Food served on a polished shovel

Preview aecce779 47c3 4c2d 8ce3 c62878cf7fbd
24 points

Traditional living room with a modern feel overviewing the Pacific Ocean, Oaxaca, Mexico

Preview 211635b1 d3f6 43a7 b65a f69e075faef5
15 points

The MA House located in Tepotzlan, Mexico.

Preview 978086d5 dfe4 4ab9 acf0 496551e0d4b6
16 points

Practice space.

Preview 860528f9 7175 4514 8e3a 913bf3e4eeeb
11 points

Cubicle boss

Preview 27369813 22cb 4c24 b09f 29e3b39f612b
15 points

Windowed living room in condo overlooking the river Thames in London, England.

Preview 30e820eb be0e 415b a3f2 a16509171426
16 points

Just keeping it 💯.

Preview f27c18bd 0c2b 41b4 b4f1 372a9fa92b8f
15 points

Clean and contemporary kitchen and dining area in a renovated and modernised UK home.

Preview c7fdad89 0a38 4bf7 ada0 57debc29a8b0
18 points

Enormous loft

Preview 484f222e 7bb0 4518 9397 1198b388b715
11 points

Concrete home in Mar Azul, Argentina

Preview cb7b935e 6137 487c 908a e5b602014ac1
11 points

Living room in Maui home

Preview c7dab058 353f 4073 b173 aeec9ccb8c74
13 points

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