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Anon converts wife to PC

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4 chan users wife gets introduced to gaming

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Bike for sale

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*smiles* hey

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Bike for sale

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10 points

The more you know...

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Curious dudes?.... not exactly the answer I thought I'd get

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Did something similar The other Day, what's The worst thing that you guys have ever misunderstood?

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My local dominos has decided to charge £2432902008176640000 for two pizzas. Frankly this seems rather excessive.

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This person understands

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I tried jumping out of a bush, but things went south..


Selling a bike

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I7 CPU improvement over the years do you really need to upgrade?

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I pretended to text the ToothFairy for my 6 year old daughter. She was very excited to know the ToothFairy was already on her way tonight!

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12 points

Isn't this Craig?

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1 points

Oh jeez..

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3 points

Come on over

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259 points

It's f*cked up that no one will just be friends w me.

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