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Gift for Christmas

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89 points


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69 points

*Ba dum tss*

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56 points

Mum said no

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44 points

What's the lowest you'll go on it?

Preview 5ede7f6a 5ce4 4f05 a198 8804c96c38f8
51 points

i don"t have time for you bitch

Preview 7c5d3d2e 8e48 456e 8e2b dd079963cf36

The 1st one is very romantic...

Preview 9252a583 cf44 4ac5 bfa5 69cd0232e769
70 points

Fathers Day Prank: Achievement Unlocked

Preview 5bd851b3 f769 45a9 920a 6c0733b21da1
103 points

Reality was twisted that day😲

Preview 7daf21d3 d141 4ed1 8689 f2759c747a0f
85 points

When you find out your s/o is cheating but you got your priorities in order.

Preview 7d96ab60 9ea0 4a80 be37 cabb8d0c7c53

Not all heroes wear capes

Preview 41261d23 1512 4311 845a ce3c01dd5d2b

Oh well...

Preview 28216d87 777d 420c a511 22db3f31a762

That guy got things under control

Preview b27e7f39 9392 4901 9f4b c14519205f71
35 points

My conversation with this amazon costumer service employee

Preview 5e8e8038 cbea 4142 866a 193fc5bfaca5

Woman Shuts Down Sexting Like A Champ By Making Role Play A Little Too Real

Preview 45fca9bc fbdc 431a be69 a4aaa5099834
65 points

Hurricane checklist for Floridians

Preview 822eca53 baf6 47bd 9547 825a45abec8e
33 points

Works most of the time.

Preview c343b286 a895 4ccc a7f7 a2224b473a31
33 points

Well.. that was a fail

Preview f0bf8d9d d482 4676 ad68 2112018f79db
49 points

Game Of Thrones S7E6 Summed Up In Text Messages

Preview cf09b9e9 dbb2 48a4 80e6 216fa6f2ba06

Need more memes

Preview 7630455c d0a4 48bf 8852 26d22ebc2583
66 points

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