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Friend found a surprise in her soda

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71 points

Made a hideout for my cats

Preview c3ade7cf 27eb 4159 a335 4e2dc48feb8a
80 points

My husband was in the ER today and all I could focus on was how dirty his bed was.

Preview 19aa716f 5116 42e8 82b6 98b02191d653
112 points

Liquid moon

Preview 9f6db46e d84b 4405 8321 49d2d03853ea
48 points

The liberator 2000

Preview 42e00bdb d20f 43a7 b96b 95aa92c41a6a
78 points

Firing artillery

Preview 05d3022e 08fd 4743 a3c3 4724a76a1024
71 points

This is the regular cause of traffic jam in Russia

Preview b6300e2c 4706 45bd 8d22 912ebbfd9fd9
126 points

Uploading a second world war photography everyday #45 British Recon armoured car "Humber Scout" and an A34 Comet in Northern Germany 1945.

Preview c0dfa76c 654b 4fae 9427 054b20e64b45
114 points

5 colorization from US during WWII

Preview e5dc08cf 61d9 40ae 929f b479f9b592d4
55 points

Old mcBatman had a farm

Preview da8adff9 96b5 427f b71a ee8161917dc3
37 points

The perfect park doesn't exi--!

Preview 66965771 c650 484c bc54 e1ad96db1c12
11 points

Shut up carl

Preview e409b7a7 72f5 437c bfe7 bd2e4fb7086f
17 points

Russia survival vehicle

Preview 190532ae 795c 4752 b819 646bb7d842eb
71 points

Incredible Japanese cardboard artists Monami Ohno makes amazing creations out of Amazon boxes

Preview 2bf4534c a8f9 4b89 8136 07193bd7fc1a
99 points

A man spent 36 hours building this on the beach, its been a few hours and I think he's made 5 euros?

Preview fc85e9d8 49b6 40e5 8068 da04775f1068
146 points

The almighty Königstiger

Preview 8663a862 c06b 4af5 bd15 86e0982651aa

Uploading a tank every day #22: SdKfz 184 Elefant (Germany)

Preview f3263c4f e4b5 4c07 832f d6745dbfd97a
63 points

This area looks barren

Preview 480be153 681b 4965 8c41 1104b7a06a9b
14 points

Funny it's called a tankstation in Danish

Preview dd3d8065 bafa 49f1 9d64 fbab2096179e
65 points

Haaaaans !

Preview d1a7bb41 1c66 4397 a6de 0b6b6b5a1b17
14 points

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