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Fishing For Shopping Carts Prank

21 points

Now it all makes sense.

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Wenger out.

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Fake target worker pranked! KICKED OUT

73 points

Top 10

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186 points

The moment before my friend got hit by a beer bottle to the face

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"Call Me a Vlogger"

162 points


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Kid gets banned from target for life from smashing milk

20 points

CZ Skorpion EVO 1100 rounds per minute

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40 points

"Get Out 2" Official Trailer Is Bringing Horror To A Whole New Hilarious Level


Wait what?

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24 points
Preview 27cdeb06 ced0 473c 891e 4abf2398f37d
161 points

Explanation for this please

Preview 90f00dda 4e27 4a66 bf05 8d1fe88f0a16
16 points

How to draw machine gun in 4 steps

Preview efab9004 5d22 4e95 aa9c f7b1a61c21bd
67 points

Grandpa needs a Miracle Ear.

18 points

Making A Cannon With 3 Barrels From Foil is Unexpectedly Destructive

328 points

How To Make Powerful Minigun From Coca Cola

296 points

Real Italians

Preview 2f967504 db6b 4b8b b99d 700db27c0210
203 points

Holstered Attack Dogs.

Preview 6f6bf539 72d3 4b23 87e6 f923f07da705
304 points

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