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Mammoth abduction

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Both the most awesome and the worst tattoo

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54 points

Another Columbine tat. Who the fuck does this?

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Friend took a tiny tumble while on blood thinners....this is day two.

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4 points

Tattoos have to be meaningfull

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Facial Tattoo and Scarification

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1 points

Twins prank tanning salon by switching half way in between spray tan!!


Airbag deployed. Branded for life.

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Abort mission!!

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Okay. That's enough internet for today.

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Meet The Record Breakers: The Most Tattooed Senior Citizen's Story Is Inspiring

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Hell Yeah!

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Oh god.....

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222 points

Neck Fart

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125 points

Guy Gets a String of Tattoos Around His Body That Come to Life When He Spins Around!

303 points

The perfect tattoo doesn't exi...

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302 points

The Royal Rumble is this weekend, but this guy already won.

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86 points

Tattoo artist does amazing job for covering up man's scars

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