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I found this absolute legend in a tattoo look book today

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89 points

Breast implant

Preview 725f1b1c 6400 4385 848b 0ca1acf9999d
77 points

Pluto isn't a planet **TRIGGERED**

Preview 9b329b8a 34dd 4c4c 95ac 16a885e4414e
72 points

Wood nipple

Preview 4345d33d d751 4c5f 9ba6 a8c3292d7264
136 points


Preview c39e9d5d 3131 49d6 a174 5c8c1be4f8c5
92 points

lymphedema is a bad time.

Preview 993c1c46 60c6 48f2 a8be d2883a21499c
116 points

Tattoo prank on muslim brother

11 points

Shit is getting real

Preview f03e9060 8ddc 463a 97d0 243a2b5baced
84 points

Meanwhile in a parallel universe...

Preview 41776752 9606 40f5 b160 fc0eeefd3ea2
121 points

Dad Jokes: Tramp Stamp Edition

Preview 0fa6f630 7aab 488f afb4 14fff7399600
85 points


Preview 3e3b5b97 752a 4cf3 9b69 93f3f6577546
94 points

Brass knuckles implant

Preview b36f45cc f029 4114 ba2e 02c1d73e38c6
38 points

My friend's tattoo. When asked "what does that mean?" He replies, "I don't know, I don't speak Chinese." That is literally what it means.

Preview c6f221aa 1cf2 4180 a5ff 78eb042d1341
69 points

This is halfway between "wtf were you thinking?" and "that's actually amazing"

Preview 77fb8f3e a583 44f9 b72d d83ce1f54a8b
21 points

Muy thai fighter suffered a skull fracture after elbow shot

Preview 355433a4 7084 44df ae48 a8f2eefe52ab
85 points

Brass knuckles implant

Preview fe5fb206 b3fc 401b b44c d15d5ba07b81
41 points

My friends new tattoo

Preview f6ebcb1f ceb9 4571 8df6 d111ce6f327e
19 points

Unintended Technology Convergences.......

Preview 0f247613 037b 4886 a0b5 a3f919a1c1cc
45 points


Preview e763adfd ea42 483a 9c79 c3b6e28d3149
73 points
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