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"You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it."

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141 points

Definitely worth it.

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171 points

Playing Tattoo Bingo at the Beach with Pat Tomasulo



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150 points

Felt something crawling on my hand so I squeezed my hand shut, turned the light on to find this...

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97 points

Cat stache

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104 points

Thicc nails

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109 points

Humorous Antisocial Tattoo

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105 points

This tattoo.

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Thanks for the morning view bro 😑

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This little boy’s jacket

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114 points

I made a man-size puppet of siamese twins

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90 points

The tattoo artist and this guy they should never drive a car.

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104 points

I found this absolute legend in a tattoo look book today

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129 points

Yeah well, I had to have my thumbs sewn onto my feet.

Preview 6200f76b 0bb2 4e9e 959d 341af7552e12
106 points

Think we all know why this is on WTF

Preview ee4bedb1 d16c 4938 9277 7a1be1b38288
107 points

Well hello there, handsome

Preview 5c643d67 3534 4d97 9e3c 01275036dcd3
122 points

Breast implant

Preview 725f1b1c 6400 4385 848b 0ca1acf9999d
108 points

Pluto isn't a planet **TRIGGERED**

Preview 9b329b8a 34dd 4c4c 95ac 16a885e4414e
95 points

Wood nipple

Preview 4345d33d d751 4c5f 9ba6 a8c3292d7264
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