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Me every week.

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54 points

In a parallel world

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20 points

I make custom teapots. This one sold 5 minutes after it was done. :)

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23 points


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19 points

Why were we taught this in school?

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22 points

This mug was given to me by my grandmother, she owned it for 30 years.

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83 points

A few bugs when opening the cabin

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21 points

Simple fly or mosquito trap - syrup, water, soap (destroys surface tention)

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47 points

Take my money !

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15 points

Hold your wife's hand in the mall...

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62 points

Lungs of a 30+ year smoker next to a portion of normal lungs. She was fortunate enough to receive a double lung transplant after losing 95% of her lung function.

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20 points

Why were we taught this in school?

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47 points

Welcome to S.A.

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6 points

There's too much blood in my caffeine system...

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8 points

Best gift ever. Cup made specially for me.

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24 points

Pekin, IL, Home of the Chinks high school teams

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56 points

At my accountants office.

Preview 3d235164 a24b 439f b121 59e5349efe5b
12 points

She just points to the cup whenever I try and start a conversation in the morning

Preview 84ec3a8c e305 47da b53f f35fa887d876
15 points

Company charges $325 for pack with hand-crafted 50 ice cubes

Preview 3da90728 f7d7 4560 bca7 ae2d56493c15
11 points

Say what ???

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