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Take my money !

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Hold your wife's hand in the mall...

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Lungs of a 30+ year smoker next to a portion of normal lungs. She was fortunate enough to receive a double lung transplant after losing 95% of her lung function.

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Why were we taught this in school?

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Welcome to S.A.

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There's too much blood in my caffeine system...

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Best gift ever. Cup made specially for me.

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Pekin, IL, Home of the Chinks high school teams

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At my accountants office.

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She just points to the cup whenever I try and start a conversation in the morning

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Company charges $325 for pack with hand-crafted 50 ice cubes

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Say what ???

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A little bit of art for you :}

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This dome of rice

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The History Of Tea: The Story Of Shunan Teng

197 points

"Are We Married To Social Acceptance?" Emotional Father And Daughter Ad Discusses Divorce In Arab World

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I really need this cup

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