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My father teaching me about the birds and the bees.

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You do you

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Ray Romano in the Big Sick summing up why I try to avoid the internet

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One of the funniest Halloween costumes I've seen this year : Guy was dressed as a stock photo

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Me in the future

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19 years later...

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When your love is strong

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How would be?

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The mountain in a family photo, couch for scale.

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Only broke people understand

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No one reads this anyway?!

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Words to live by

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What's your most favorite show of all time? For me it's definitely Scrubs. My opinion: It's a majestic adventure with tons of laughs and tears.

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When two gay men have sex.

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That escalated quickly.

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I don't see why they should stop

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We's all gon' die.

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Okay, fine. You got the job

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