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If you passed that mission, you're a legend

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9 points

Oh crap

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My Uncle sent this to me

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Why are there so many stock photos of people shooting their computers?

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17 Creepy kids in horror movies: then and now

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I got your nose....no really I have your nose it fell off

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9 points

What again?

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11 points

People are out of controll

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85 points

Your daily edge to cut yourself.

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Please my trusty steed.

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You're god damn right

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4 points

Effective af

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You can start tomorrow!

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224 points

Expectation vs reality

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True bromance. #nohomo

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Well.. u r hired.. I guess

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Just your regular doctor visit

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Does the outside world know this legend? (Jean Dujardin french actor as OSS 117 )

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When your stalker wants to know your address...

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4 points

I ragret nothing

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