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Found a fitbit in a public restroom that was still receiving messages...

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24 points

It's really that worth?

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19 points


Preview c33e8f83 56df 4dde b7b0 e04a9e0e4694
18 points

Video game coffee tables!

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22 points

I was on leave for two weeks, came back to work to this.

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85 points

Remember Winamp? I member.

Preview e526bd1e 2231 4b75 be9a 2878b44732ce
23 points

Taxidermied robot crow = art.

Preview 34453a53 ee08 4f89 85be 47f93c247cfa
16 points

400+ upvotes, still fresh?

Preview c5e58e27 379b 479e afdf 514fbea60411
19 points

This cockroach is INSIDE my oven clock

Preview 027b5d12 0ef8 40d1 b955 f2a6a8369930
24 points

"got any games, or nah?"

Preview 2cf4ce88 21dd 4485 ba04 0d3555dff0d1
21 points

So beautiful

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17 points

The most unfortunate name ever?

Preview d2ce213e 2e69 4cc6 855f 572e89f8e6ad
94 points

Employee goals

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22 points

Two people stealing content to make this

Preview 146953d7 3dda 412e 9496 0d7f4bb149b9

The world isn't quite ready for Apple's wireless vision

Preview c7a1d714 21a8 442f 94fb 5f45736f843e
14 points

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...

Preview 20b29469 fc12 4ad1 80ea ce763a4db3b5
13 points

I have Alzheimer and I'm seeing this post for first time.

Preview be5cd673 67bf 493c 9494 dd344ec7741f
16 points

Sent this to my red-haired crush. It worked beautifully

Preview 64e77ff3 80eb 4c8a 8c73 00e0888c9c0d
22 points

I finally was able to buy a car with anti-theft installed!

Preview 64bbfcec 40b9 4f3b afde 488bfa2e4285
17 points

So...someone hacked Craiova AirPort site from Romania

Preview 7b5ad2f6 e375 4bb3 ab5a 1cc06b46c9aa
12 points

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