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Pitbull puppies for sale

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46 points

Pitbull puppies for sale

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72 points


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58 points

'Damn you , motherfu........'

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15 points

Little sister paused at just the right time

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Saw this at an antiques mall yesterday.

Preview e69171c8 283e 4e8c b305 bdde7deb28b1
19 points


Preview 82a13cc2 bde0 4df0 8441 7438303ac171
102 points

So true it stings a lil

Preview 003f3f93 fd07 4649 a8ff 07a060f91e46
17 points

The sad good boy.

Preview 18d9a0df 9936 44bd 8639 911758966281
69 points

Our dimensions have finally met

Preview 3c6fb69a e204 4000 ba88 32249b7a6025

Potty trained

Preview 95973ac7 3b94 412b 9ac2 e00e73a9af3a
62 points

Dog pulls out insides out of a teddy bear


When your friend with glasses takes his glasses off

Preview 5281b534 a7e3 4a0c a447 df91ec07477d
12 points

Looks Like a Bear Snake

Preview d1f30fe0 7e57 4f09 9872 2cee16b11038
17 points

How adorable is this cat??

Preview 2422cbcd 4c58 4bc5 8e5f 96bd1dce3d03
16 points

Very creepy and rare genetic skin disorder - Harlequin-Ichthyosis Fetalis

Preview 8748e6b1 45a5 4968 b03e 2b409a52a630
11 points

After one year of friendship

Preview 77c5024f 2a13 4373 a6cd b10f0efc8eae
106 points

Just the way I like it.

Preview 0bc18fdb 0342 4c3b 8637 c61953798d15
10 points

Wtf you lookin at, punk

Preview d2d8c35d d951 4885 9b30 7f80b6ac3e34
15 points

Captain Australia

Preview 5ba0ecc4 c9ae 4044 bf24 4edc5c848cd8
87 points

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