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When the dentist screws you

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69 points

This is one of the villains from my world :)

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70 points

I've grown a new tooth...at 25 years old

Preview 5d16d29b f657 42c9 a058 d0a927e4e551
45 points

Tartar buildup in a dental-phobic patient

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74 points

Veneers preparation

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87 points

True shit

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112 points

This image rape my mind

Preview 7cf004de ccbf 48b1 b950 11463a8ddb73
48 points

A child's skull before losing baby teeth

Preview af60e407 e4be 4c2d 9776 036eeab7a836
85 points

How to design a cool chracter

Preview a5d2e97f 5b23 490c a253 76f1ce92b815
63 points

U thot I was meme, but is doggo, bamboozled again

Preview dc1cef82 6324 4dbb 89d9 a36daa4a77fc
14 points


Preview 6b38243e 45e0 4628 918f c85647072e86
117 points

0_0 ---> 0 ___ 0

Preview 115f7e72 d49c 4960 8f48 14ffa058d9ed
42 points

Terrifying Pictures Revealing The Surgery Horror In The Victorian Era

Preview be1f3fa0 0813 4164 8e10 e975a3f0b014
15 points

What a child's skull looks like before losing their baby teeth

Preview 62c751f1 adbf 4f95 b416 46eba3dadbe2
60 points

CT scan of an unrestrained passenger's skull after a road traffic accident.

Preview e50f154c e02f 41db 8049 321c19eb5a1e
95 points

Who reads this?

Preview f39b23a9 0c65 4bd9 9bdb 958e9f00c444
70 points

Baby Turtle

Preview 9ec189bb 7128 4021 9272 e7a55a3dbaa6
18 points

And I've never felt this way before...

Preview 7bfd5a47 43ab 473e 922b 97dd229ef901
19 points

Google knows what's up

Preview 40ab846b 3015 4ba3 8086 09efec30e13f
22 points

I found this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Preview c1eb749a 9f32 40c0 baa2 8774e1ef9c79
155 points

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