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Movie night with the wife.

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60 points

Credit card chip reader in a head shop

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64 points

This cat lives in the dorm beneath me

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A shocking discovery

Preview 48e4bb4c 2f4e 4a14 a782 f667335fd72c
94 points

This adorable Husky hangs out in the window every night I walk home

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81 points

Blue screen of literal death.

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93 points

Her new favorite place to rest

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What would be your favorite button?

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70 points

"Phoneception" - Whenever I upgrade my phone I snap a pic of the old phone with this photo as the background. I find it pretty amusing but my wife hates it.

Preview 20b38659 f4b9 4754 ab2d 855c2dfbfae5
55 points

My mom just got her first smartphone. My dad PRINTED THE 180 PAGES OF THE MANUAL!

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47 points

Aww how thoughtful

Preview d58dcdfe b9f4 440d a967 6d2e41f9d86f
66 points

Took a photo of my iPad sometime between 16:36 and 16:37

Preview 19578165 671c 47db 90dd cceff12a5ef3

Keep to right

Preview 6c33dd0f af2d 41bb 908a 780285773d36

Some heroes don't wear capes

Preview 209fd5b7 ef27 4f03 894e 57affe41b0c0
118 points

This self aware chocolate bar...

Preview 1e85d9d1 835c 4555 8b32 fd4986e0e911
57 points

UPDATE. EA announces plans for next gen controller.

Preview 804ea4f9 bbf0 42f0 b26f af9b14153f4c
107 points

Pez made a dispenser where you had to put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

Preview 1699c631 e9fb 4680 a6b0 00e5fdb97426
82 points

I want to know the back story of each one

Preview 608103c0 636e 4306 abcb 096f2ec3a699
35 points

Seriously CNN! This came up on my watch as an alert. Way to scare people.

Preview 604189de 34c4 45e0 be63 a89fefd6606e
96 points

Does this upvote make me lucky or unlucky?

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