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I loved playing snake

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13 points

IT help desk "punisher"

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12 points

Someone upload all pokemon sun & moon episodes on pornhub

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66 points

Another level

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79 points

Sapnu puas

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9 points


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Has science gone too far?

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2 points

My hotel shower lets you choose the exact temperature of your water

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3 points

Aren't we all

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My Cousin Kicked a Penny and it Shorted an Outlet.

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2 points

Finally someone found it's true purpose!

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2 points

My friend didn't know what one of his cards meant, so he looked it up...

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4 points

The Macron Show Animated Cartoon Series Episode 3 - Crazy Complainer Prank Calls


When you don't know if you have sufficient funds, and the card reader doesn't either

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4 points

Couples Counselling At Comcast Prank Call


Grandpa needs a Miracle Ear.


Mix between Gal Gabot , Margot Robbie and Natalie Portman - Beauty Guru Joanna Marie

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7 points

Feel old yet ?

Preview 90743005 3dec 4c5a b758 0e821cde6798
2 points

My Cousin Kicked a Penny and it Shorted an Outlet.

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3 points

The Faulty Muffin Balls Saga Prank Call


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