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Passive aggressive gas pump will give you your goddamn receipt.

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75 points

Also applies to loli

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23 points

They didn't want to bother him

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66 points

Good Advice

Preview 6bcdbea3 eb5e 4684 879d 9c050fcdeb2f
71 points

It was only a matter of time

Preview e6f904ae 5bd6 458c 85b1 19c61167b210
70 points

When memes is life

Preview f65e4167 1c4b 4e16 a8c9 686da657823f
19 points

My wife casually mentioned that she forgot to take birth control this weekend... then we woke up to this on our microwave this morning

Preview 057f0acc 23a5 44be a893 b4a2aa6eb6a2
67 points

Found a gecko egg in one of my lego sets after not opening it for a while. I crack it on accident, and theres a fairly solid embryo sticking out.

Preview 738101b2 b5e2 4fcf 9f17 4923d8eafc45
52 points

My new coworker is totally useless

Preview 239e1434 3d1d 47b9 8180 19aa12667b86

I will make my father proud.

Preview 4508ab28 7823 4093 92aa 53f3adc697d0
21 points

The Iphone 8 everyone

Preview 9eb601be 6cd8 484c 858b 64227e929b31
16 points

in a day or ᵗʷᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ

Preview 753c916d 1ecb 4d69 89a6 d56fe0afa5c5
18 points

Taking a group picture.

Preview 356178f0 0791 4644 a122 abddeb336e63

My elderly resident couldn't remember where she put her tv remote, here's where I found it

Preview b0795652 9520 4e35 b228 f204ba628c84
22 points

The elevator I was in broke down. I looked in the emergency phone box because I had no signal and this is all there was.

Preview 840177d1 12fb 455f bb23 7e67367b3d4b
23 points

Found a fitbit in a public restroom that was still receiving messages...

Preview c3c87fbc 70d4 4367 b124 28f8278eb79d
96 points

It's really that worth?

Preview d0589418 ea2d 4b5c ab4f 7a40adc6082d
19 points

My dad's phone.

Preview 1bfc020c 03bf 4828 b70e 26c707dc12f8
19 points

Before Smartphone

Preview 82af0612 852f 4eb2 afd7 fa106a82867a
8 points

The world isn't quite ready for Apple's wireless vision

Preview c7a1d714 21a8 442f 94fb 5f45736f843e
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