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Sapnu puas

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Couples Counselling At Comcast Prank Call


Grandpa needs a Miracle Ear.


My Cousin Kicked a Penny and it Shorted an Outlet.

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Came back to the dresser in my bedroom and found my phone like this.

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The safe word is "404"

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If u have a hacker mind..

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When you want to be cool but you are poor.

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The original 90s selfie

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Send me two reasons why I should hire you

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A lady in my office kicked my charger. I asked her to plug it back. She was kind enough to do so.

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I think this guy has got his wires crossed

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New lighter. Plasma instead of flames.

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This money making machine.

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Box of Badassery

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Some men just want to watch the office burn

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how we blocked people in the 80's

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How my day at work is going...

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