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Your seasonal reminder of the greatest tree ornament of all time.

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76 points

So pedo bear stopped by let’s make a deal this morning

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69 points

4D Television

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My friend with “piss poor” timing snapped this gem yesterday.

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20 points

Got the Danny DeVito life size cutout for my brother and sister-in-law. Scares the hell out of you when you forget he’s standing there

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62 points

Ellen on candle salad

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61 points

No matter how often I put her down, she immediately gets right back in front of the TV.

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CNN never misses a chance for a remote broadcast

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69 points

Jedi simulator

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20 points

When you saw a romanian guy starring at your bike

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20 points

Too much free time

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95 points

Cat are evil

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65 points

Does this upvote make me lucky or unlucky?

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I was told to post my small

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74 points

Nicholas cage

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66 points

When you bought a PS4 instead of a Switch but still want to play Skyrim on the go

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58 points


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Holy plumbus, your sister, Morty!

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77 points

You get what you pay for.

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20 points

Green ninjas.......

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23 points

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