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What to remember if you’re feeling suicidal

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41 points

Want serious answers people

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72 points

Member of staff gets stuck upstairs with only an iServe to hand...

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103 points

Comment a bad pickup line

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80 points

This Kickstarters stretch goal

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50 points

I forgot her name, Google did exactly what I wanted.

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66 points

This Amazon review.

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44 points

Lift off!

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60 points

About as petty as it gets

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103 points

My profile

Preview 262f97a9 1e1b 4d97 9a1d 28e662a06f6a

Well Google Assistant and Siri have something going on I guess!!

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91 points

I would regret my whole life after this 💀

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87 points

My video buffered at the perfect moment

Preview 4c6782ac 0adf 4dbf 8479 c3550e896a67

My dad bought my American girlfriend's conservative family a box of candy from our home country of Iran. They were a bit concerned about one particular ingredient.

Preview f8737f8c f751 4c2e 9cc7 6a27b62a09da
89 points

Dumn troll on gf while Im away

Preview 0fcfacf1 6012 4f53 8b1f 4aa841471331
141 points

Shots fired.

Preview 1724c154 28d0 48f1 bdc1 a39909ee11b7
86 points

I was talking to the Google Assistant on my phone and found a pretty funny response.

Preview 1c533913 d0ed 4838 80ff 25ac977076fc
81 points

Roasted by Google Assistant

Preview e4d9ccab 1c07 4a5a 90f3 78e1857ed502
86 points

My Reddit feed tonight

Preview f590b557 db92 4afd afc2 7bd6a77a006f

Am I the only one who has never tasted one of these?

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84 points

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