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No one's home... a perfect time to...

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This seller knows human nature.

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22 points

Satan's Sacraficial Waterfall...

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24 points

Try to make a pun out of this

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Shit sorry fam

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67 points

Ask and ye shall receive

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Swiss Reaction! Neutrality but have a Cancer too

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Hurricane Irma spawns hilarious and stupid Facebook events

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Sounds good doesn't work

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16 points

Lil marco

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Weather has no chill yo

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23 points

Dis guy

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My 25 year old engineer mate... was not expecting this. Suppose you gotta keep kids in line somehow.

Preview 95f2202c 5b92 4ce3 aa06 fe8db6e1733d

There are 2 kinds of people

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58 points

A whole new level of philosophy

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24 points

A a epic

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12 points

Amazing Customer Service from Cheggs

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That was helpful. See how final destination is possible in video games?

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