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South Park LMAO

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62 points

He only need one, what a c**t

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91 points

This guy tho

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76 points

Sex options on sign up for forum

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62 points

I Did This And My Mother Called Me Crying And Then Gave Me A Twenty Minute Lecture. Not Worth.

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82 points

Perfect timing in posting.

Preview 3cd6d4a6 b4aa 4e72 8ed3 fd9d603350d9

I just got my Cards Against Humanity day three gift. I had a good chuckle and thought you all might enjoy the thoughtful letter.

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73 points

When your flash update looks like this in Germany, you get nervouse

Preview 93e0b750 c2eb 4b3b 81c1 b6da9409672a

That's a bit harsh Steam

Preview ef8f675a 654b 42ef af18 211ad64a9aec
63 points

F**king Luis

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56 points

Perfect timed posts

Preview f7a0e03a 1b3a 42ff 92f8 8d20fdd30e69

The solution!

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Not mine

Preview 9f4319d3 2cbb 4d93 b462 1d950fbe9293
39 points

Interesting mission statement for a division of my local DMV

Preview 4ad995ca 0559 4651 970b 4e8e8039341f
50 points

True even online

Preview 8048a336 c8ce 4bb0 b6a1 4b4b870549a0
45 points

Family now days

Preview 1efca2bd 949d 4f13 947a 2054ea602a4b
23 points

Probably my favorite post from Ken M

Preview bcfd568a 7329 4528 8f22 cc3f92f76abb

*Ba dum tss*

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46 points

On snowy days

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Mum said no

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