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they have no idea

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93 points

Delivering pizzas

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104 points

The original and the knockoff

Preview 6c3401cc 94ec 4dc0 8714 a947ec368328

Terrifying... Yet Durable.

Preview 15a8f565 3c60 45f5 8762 f68fbb74cc45
72 points

Texting my girlfriend, when suddenly...

Preview e6391282 c253 4c18 b697 373f53662f26

The Irony...

Preview 390f3c53 0028 444b a413 5e4a161fd547

I checked my facebook memories , and I almost died laughing , I didn't plan for this .LOL

Preview 96774438 d219 49ea ab0d dc13f844f587

Bless you

Preview c84480ec a2e7 4937 8af5 b21fc5d2c539
100 points

Our office dog is featured on our marketing materials.

Preview 9b51e9b1 f4d3 4e4a 894a 58d8f0747da8
128 points

am lost

Preview 3c38faab 9e7c 42c5 9817 99fe158cd745
113 points

Don't pick up the phone... Im online!!!

Preview 3a6c943b 6720 4c6c a85a af08e01e0e05
86 points

Why can't my phone connect to the wireless?! Only Sometimes?!!?

Preview 8fd88456 c745 484f 8dca d42b5eee4b93
109 points

Your porn is safe from now on.

Preview f295680a cc29 4664 bc73 e803b0c4c113
98 points

Got this Captcha making a gmail account ):

Preview 50bda07e 0912 4d39 912d 018a187a4927
85 points

Hound doesn't like McDonald's. It's not kid friendly apparently...

Preview 36649d8a 0840 402b a3b5 168fe3a752de

Got me for a second

Preview 3b971771 42c9 440e b27e 1ffd1d559b79
107 points

Amazon Alexa can be tricky

Preview f5867629 bc0a 4e4b a59d c6af64327d62
79 points

Jack isn't very happy.

Preview 3c6675e1 304c 4be9 862e 9dcba690e977
82 points

Jack isn't very happy.

Preview ff24e40b 3407 4a77 80e1 7324e86e93c9
80 points


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125 points

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