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A very funny way to mess with someone who asks for nudes.

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173 points

Lingerie doesn't come in ounces

Preview e9ba3db2 f1e2 4fb0 98e4 a4fee1cafef8
190 points


Preview 7f47a043 e7bb 48f2 b967 c841768335d8
164 points

Who wants to play?

Preview b8033f86 e137 487e 8168 3b927f0fae5f
193 points

love my friend

Preview 0be86ea2 deb9 419e 8652 470c0b880f11
159 points

Gmail filtered their own message into spam

Preview 38915b0e bb5c 442c b151 b359b7e22fe8
148 points

Unsaved Work

Preview a5113b6e 39fb 490e a628 0dfbab6bb531
151 points

Chicken Tendies for the win

Preview 032a57d8 7e15 4720 bf3a f9ffcd6414bb
205 points

College = Apollo 13

Preview b9cab94c 54ac 4baa 92bf f3c5ff08cc40
175 points

Google Search

Preview ad141cf0 b8e3 4405 a510 e1a5bd268f32
154 points

Perfect come back doesn't exist

Preview 35dc7a95 e674 414d b171 cca714bf8077
150 points

Messing with my friend.

Preview 90f7def5 5eee 4ecd 8c52 1293cde8b465
190 points

Youtube link

Preview d5679c85 9bcb 456f 9279 5525a91e8149
126 points

Two videos uploaded at the same time, same game, both first episodes, nearly the same thumbnail, but different channels.

Preview 37025249 2f82 4de9 b23a f6e65ff866f4
133 points

This honestly hilariousreview.

Preview 4c7e7001 e68f 4194 92ec a613b8787b60
96 points

Buying a Motorcycle off Craigslist in MA ...

Preview 5b198c86 c37d 4c88 b91b 865ff057cffa
113 points

they have no idea

Preview 76fe7103 37dd 4d80 a75c 5bab18567a6a
129 points

Wait a minute...

Preview 7c1f1286 f7e7 466a 8792 24abdda53f25
111 points

Delivering pizzas

Preview f135ac1a 1141 4597 84f7 9c52984b97ce
142 points

The original and the knockoff

Preview 6c3401cc 94ec 4dc0 8714 a947ec368328
107 points

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