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My sons friend isn’t a big fan of sports evidently

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He was more patient with him than I would have been


Amazing Timing

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My friend took this picture of a basketball just as it hit the ground yesterday

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Tennis ball retriever

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Sloane Stephens reaction to her trophy lid falling off

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Tennis Ball Against the Wall


Wonderful view from the Monterrey Stadium, New Mexico.

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We brought our dog with us to play tennis... really should've known better

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Eminem absolutely destroyed Beiber 😂

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jaw gets smacked by a baseball bat

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Tennis ball throw it against the wall!


Cut your tennis balls in half to store two more balls in each can

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Tennis ball ass cheeks

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Anthony Joshua appears to pick up Rob Brydon

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There are two types of people in the world

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Hot Sexy Asian Girl Playing Tennis In Bikini (NSFW)

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What a legend!

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It will hurt! ... but hes got it!

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