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Smol pupper did a hurt

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14 points

Damn him. Oh wait. I don't have a girldfriend.

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11 points

I am the one

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16 points

Squirrel posed for my wife at the Grand Canyon

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14 points

Cute animals they said....x)

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16 points

We got a new couch.

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15 points

When someone offers me food.

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10 points

Absolutely true

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2 points

Took a photo of my dog while he was playing with bubbles.

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'Do not bite the hand that feeds you but nibble, ok?' - ancient dog proverb

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Son makes a heckin good hat

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13 points

Family Dog, just nailing it!

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My awesome rescue Thunder Dog!

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17 points

I Googled "Fat Greyhound"

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7 points

What have you summoned upon me?

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9 points

Little Scooby Doo

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10 points

This is my dog Simon he and I ran a crosa country race he got a medal as well ; )

Preview 77c24ccf 1863 4df6 bf67 73cf3b47c916

Needless to say, that paper towel wasn't clean 😐

Preview 6a444f97 bce0 426a 838a 686488e9f64e

Would you prefer to ride with this or faketaxi?

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4 points

Tried to get a picture of my pup, but he seemed to be a bit preoccupied

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