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Dog drinking water from a sprinkler

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Girlfriend's dad thought he would treat his daughters dog to a new name tag.

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He sat on his sister so I would pet him instead.

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Hello down there

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Was trying to watch TV but my cat had other ideas.

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Any. Birthday. Is My. Birthday.

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Dogs : Then vs Now

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125 points

So.. this just happened.

Preview d7564a56 6627 4044 9c9d 2915857c31ef
96 points

"I will now rest here"

Preview dab31052 0c15 4c63 863e 4a9c3fedf454

My suspicious cheeto turns 6 today.

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84 points

Explains the derp.

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Dem jukes

Preview bacfb950 45f2 47fc 858c fde573807648

he doesn’t look so excited that he got the ball..lol

Preview 678db5d3 d3d5 4c3f 9240 3bdb832cc25e

My dog isn't allowed on the couch. This is his solution.

Preview b8374914 5947 4ab5 a3c2 0ea7848bcf14
80 points

Everybody, stay away from my car...

Preview 0ccd4a91 ef0b 4fba bcd6 ae6a217f64cf

Scary doggo

Preview de129c18 3e5c 4deb bb2c 948ff748d29c
90 points

My cat gets bitey when he's hungry

Preview c242e43e 4a84 4fb2 b891 fa95e68372e4

Ask your vet if your heart is healthy enough...

Preview f78229d7 0c31 426b 97c7 8a2b1687df98
91 points

This dog attacked my neighbor, and when we took a picture of him he started pissing another neighbor's yard.

Preview d7fd31a6 b348 4703 982e 011a1de03103

“You bought this pillow for me right?”

Preview f3703074 92a0 4b58 9408 714ff12c366b

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