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True love

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40 points

I caught Tucker at the perfect moment

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20 points

I may have caught the moment my dog realised we weren't going to the park

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15 points

I feel your pain

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24 points

When you catch her chewing on something, she just lies on it and pretends it never happened

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The Tripod Squad

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19 points

Kissing = Love, Let it Happen

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17 points

I know it's old, but still hilarious... lol

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Today my cat died... This is her and me one hour before we go to the vet. Diva you were the nicest cat in the world good bye my friend of all time

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45 points

Metal af

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15 points

My doggo Zachary!

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23 points

PUPS delivery.

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If you are having a shitty monday, have this doggo with socks on. Hope it gets better for all of you!

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65 points

Oh ohhh!

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24 points

Next week on Nickelodeon...

Preview 51cb8515 709f 4dba 9b33 51c5f986271c
18 points

My dog successfully teaching his son how to f*** with me

Preview 1bd95ee4 a9eb 4c7d 81c3 4fb7886a068c
23 points

I wasn't informed we were doing a 'look slightly to the left' photo

Preview 92e51240 d5a7 4807 aa6a 99a9e7a26868
22 points

Doggo Catches Snowball

Preview b7182368 96e6 4fb1 a55f b6f62f24f577

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