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60 points

Show some fucking respect

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81 points

Guess how I know

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took a picture when my dog sneezed

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Poor Bob just wanted to take a nap, but Lenard wouldn't let him.

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My dog ladies and gentlemen

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I’m pretty sure Luna is flipping me off with her tail 🤔

Preview 2b32ef0e 6e1d 4e2a 8e33 2d75aa43300b

My dog licking her nose

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Drone landed in neighbor's yard

Preview 09cbc419 5b28 474c b43c a84b8fce84e7

Tried to take a picture with my dog.

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Caught the exact moment she spotted the Vet’s office

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39 points

10 mins after a bath and she has a dirt helmet.

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Dude, chill! It wasn't me, i swear!

Preview 2025a60b d7ce 4ea0 82fa 7d786fa45c44

My kitten chasing my sisters dog

Preview 0d67ed9c 5a6f 4dac 91fc 8973efe9d625

“Urgent request! Don’t let the cat go inside the dorm! There are already 10 pregnant cats here! Administration.”

Preview 47149f49 a6fe 4d94 9cca 830bb94223ea
111 points

Took me a second there

Preview 49308faa 5298 4c75 bbe5 f5253b5b1f28
107 points

He loves pissing her off

Preview fa419ee0 089f 4a70 812a 42df9ea171c2

A puppy dog bitten by a cat.

Preview 0f187213 0e3e 4eef 99ed 4e739f4d4d26

Cat bullying another cat

Preview a3ef3cad 3a2f 42ae be0e f7b0be55e81d

My dog plotting my murder because she can’t have 50 treats a day instead of her food.

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