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Took a photo of my dog while he was playing with bubbles.

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Son makes a heckin good hat

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My awesome rescue Thunder Dog!

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I Googled "Fat Greyhound"

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What have you summoned upon me?

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Little Scooby Doo

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This is my dog Simon he and I ran a crosa country race he got a medal as well ; )

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Needless to say, that paper towel wasn't clean 😐

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Would you prefer to ride with this or faketaxi?

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Birthday girl

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This is what happens when you have one sister who is a professional photographer and loves animals and another sister with a mini zoo. You get professional goat maternity photos.

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My friend decided to bring his pup to work today. Im not even mad

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This puppo ate your shoes. What are you going to do?

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Uuuuurrrr Aaahhhr -Chewdoggo

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Did you just call me a Bark Ranger?

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Be true to yourself little pupper

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Very Excited Jack Russell Wins Our Hearts Even His Dog Show Run Isn't A Perfect One

158 points

Damn that's one f**ked up rat

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