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Guardians of Heck, The Bamboozler.

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90 points

Happy Feet?

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So in today’s news...

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18 points

The face of true hate

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49 points

Weakness disgusts me

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80 points


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24 points

need i say more?

Preview bb653fc7 6131 4b94 950d a3aa62f33dc2

I love how this dog looks at this egg, like he's learned absolutely nothing.

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23 points

Dog tastes an orange peel.

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24 points

Perfect cosplay doesn't exi...

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71 points

Jehovah's Witnesses are getting cute

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16 points

He's an asshole

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Landlord forgot to tell us he put a mousetrap under the oven...

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16 points


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My doggo isn't totally convinced with the makeshift lap I made for him to sit on while I'm gone.

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23 points

Neighbor cat posing with her kill. Should I be impressed or scared?

Preview 870f8950 c99a 497b 8128 4fcf6bb31045

Whatcha lookin at hooman? There's nothing to see back there

Preview f82e2bd9 81f1 4289 a9be 3371b289ea46

This dog want to talk to your manager

Preview 84cd565d fbad 4f37 9159 4649ebd2c28f
61 points

Couldn’t imagine life without her

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