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Military commands to live life by

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231 points

Traveling in Tanzania, they have a unique definition of Classic Pizza

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155 points

Custodian not to be fucked with

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145 points

Found this in the dressing room of a local consignment shop

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118 points

This teacher’s been a teacher before

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146 points

A confession to a friend.

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131 points

Deciding who to wife

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118 points

Supreme court protects Youtuber's live TTS prank?

50 points

This relatable sign in Ireland

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110 points

A joke book from 1940

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100 points

Best wedding Save the Date ever

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110 points

Creepy Arnold Schwarzenegger

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127 points

Google keyboard helps a lot.....

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86 points


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75 points

"He guards the tomatoes."

Preview 8009ab41 b24f 4ef7 8658 d1c4a6d7dbed
88 points

Pranking People with Song Lyrics PART 9 🎶

88 points

If you don't feel good...

Preview e7e2050b 208c 4b2d 931a 8dbc36096ee7
118 points

My neighbor peels out daily, so I wrote him a nice poem!

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102 points

I’ll kill him

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104 points

In case you were wondering, this is how you put "stripper" on a resume.

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133 points

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