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Barcelona from above.

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Acid Jazz- oil/acrylic-60'' X 40''- Stephen D. Ferris

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Finished Puzzle...

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Jaw bone remodelling is common following wisdom tooth extraction. I pulled this out of my socket about two months after my procedure.

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We are all shades of toast

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They say, things look better from above. Guess what? you are wrong. Cairo, Egypt!

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Bottom right

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3200 year old tree

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This pic shows you how deep is the Mariana Trench . The little spot is a whale.

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The way these old car tires are stacked

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They can't kill you if you blow yourself up.

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Good luck

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One of the main reasons that I wear this brand

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Just Leonidas playing chess

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Legend says it still has a full battery.

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Saw this at my local shawarma shop. I've never noticed that before.

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Legend says it still has full battery

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