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Because no UPS man is an island...

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171 points

Some bunny luv?

Preview 6db0ce76 a9a6 4c5a b7a4 c26f678a4067
104 points


Preview 19d19fca d692 4486 9921 be79b6083bee
140 points

Alex Honnold’s free solo up 3000 ft cliff face

Preview 93a4a6cf 5364 4f49 86d1 2bbdf4b1fd22

No truer words have been spoken

Preview d27c00ba 796a 4b36 a460 8737f0684f72
218 points

Can you see something else?

Preview c1111598 2360 4e5f baad b6022cb96886
144 points

An introvert's first line of defense

Preview 53619dee f2e3 4fa8 86e6 201be388d2a2
245 points

When you want that 2 pane, energy efficient feel but don't want to pay for it.

Preview f13fc48d 1bf6 4584 8108 5dc32a9db16a
161 points


Preview 7ef69623 915d 470f bbca 1b57c6900ef8
160 points

I can't read this chalkboard without singing it in my head

Preview 559e3dda 0882 46a9 b6e7 fef4b840adae
176 points

Stupid bumper sticker.

Preview 712775fc f5c7 4f2f 9d96 ad11111d1b00
159 points

The pattern on these shoes look like a bunch of stoned aliens

Preview ba29e141 f485 4e4d 86c1 1eb6da9901f2
168 points

Emus being jerks

Preview c2ac79ba 597e 420d abeb 2c5969dfca08

Low budget

Preview 2c615c5d 8a56 4daf 8c51 156ca8a968d3
188 points

Cute things to call your girlfriend.

Preview 9ba5be79 0162 4990 98cd f4c3aa6cda53
181 points

Trying to paint the street? You've got a long way to go, bro.

Preview 44e91736 8805 4a66 889f 9214c5282ad1
138 points

New York vs Boston

Preview 60c79226 79e4 4f9b acdb 9f2ecc4bd84f
151 points

This was hanging in the bathroom in the restaurant I ate at tonight. Only in China...

Preview 4bcb9414 32d1 4254 8abe 01f59f7f1e38
116 points

My dog piddled out a shark

Preview 216fe5ee 1e9c 4fd6 b2ea 612aa8458d62

Turned 40 today. My kids greeted me with this tradegy on my front porch......

Preview 560c34c5 2b1d 449b 9dcb b61be9960a8d
121 points

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