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Thank's cat, really helpful

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This mouse ran under the road dyeing machine and left this print on the road

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122 points

A termite nest I uncovered inside the heartwood of an oak tree.

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98 points

Self Bromance

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95 points

Walking on through my park, learning about the local Flora

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108 points

This mosquito is asking me for help!

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100 points

LAPD: Basically don’t call us about coyotes.

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122 points

I sat next to a........

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70 points

Seems legit

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75 points

Brendan, the old soul of pre-K

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85 points

Found this excellent recipe for chicken pie in my grandfathers wallet while going through his stuff after he died

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87 points

Playfulness And Joy

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85 points

I’m a secretary on a hospital unit today, we’ll see how long I can do this.

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121 points

Every day I clean the dog poop in my yard, every day there is a pile near my kids slide or swing. That’s her way of asserting dominance I guess.

Preview 91ed7530 3d21 44ba bf66 7f517bd71939

Zoo exhibits these days

Preview 8b978abe d4ce 44cd 8974 3b60f230cbc3
100 points

Origin of the word Boob.

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93 points

Joan Rivers dedicates her book to someone special

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94 points

"The door is open, come right in!"

Preview c2c332b7 5a71 4b2c ac13 05a305107709

I found a new bookstore today

Preview bd06f501 b532 4087 9715 e7814f9da0d9
53 points

My light switch worked, but the light was a little dim.

Preview e5626e9a 2d96 4265 9252 2610161c6c30
65 points

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