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Pretty much explains itself.

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20 points

Got this poster for attending a Ghibli Marathon last night

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76 points

Dear Algebra

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73 points

I didn't make this...

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23 points

Art from grime on the back of a truck

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56 points

People were asked to write down their fear at a museum exhibit

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66 points

My new IPad case Vs my 2 cats : Guess who won?

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My 3 Year old nephew asked me to read him his fortune....

Preview c83d5588 41db 4455 b49c 84a684f01144
19 points

You should have taken me to the park today, hooman.

Preview 3bbedc7e 802d 4390 9cd5 c77a5f9eb662

Pedestrian crossing in Pompei, AD 79

Preview 3f7c0829 59eb 47b8 8249 ffe5cd39683f
22 points

Fig trees are damn stubborn.This one is living in a concrete wall.

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23 points

Found this at Goodwill

Preview 42f28e9a 3e4c 4e21 aac8 dc8602f20994
12 points

I am very thirsty

Preview 2dbebd06 e7a4 453d ab72 baaa0726f2f1

This Kindergarten in Brazil

Preview 9e37a8b8 9732 4de8 8177 f13128d099f6
15 points

Trees roots grew the shape of the sidewalk

Preview db5d01b5 6ebe 4f17 a687 0f66ac23acee
22 points

Found this on IG and had to share

Preview d6c59c77 173a 4acf 884c a8761639670c
20 points

How to perpetuate your ghost

Preview 1a2c6427 51ec 420c baa4 439fc281830d
23 points

Our galaxy spanning over Pedernales Falls in Central Texas.

Preview b60d93cc 7e1b 4888 8452 b5a3e4242384
63 points

Water: The Problem Solver

Preview b493ba4b f7e4 474a a5e0 d1d517915600

This picture on the back of a book about slums in my university library that features a child sized doll with no explanation

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24 points

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