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1960-70s Lobby Interior

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57 points

My wife dared me to go out in the snow in nothing but my boots....

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77 points

Got this in the mail today

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97 points

Just why?

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86 points


Preview c0e7e287 2711 4f5b b3ae 8f577cbe2598
92 points

This Crab with a lobster tail washed up on my local beach today

Preview 3fb03de5 b391 44a3 af33 3130497ee296
85 points

Give up

Preview 00ed56aa a1e3 4f0b aa69 d896a221bf7d
105 points

This is why I love this game.

Preview 2d6a98a3 4547 447e bfa3 662fed61aa20
101 points

A 6th grader in my wife's class drew this comic - Lord help me

Preview 12f00fe7 f31a 418c 9fa1 1743b868f17d
81 points

My daughter drew this during a boring class today...

Preview 21301628 b650 4459 a2a9 b5d02fc7eaec
88 points

Selfie - Sony a7ii/50mm

Preview 4dbf6fca 5ea2 4af1 94ac c0135c35e0b8

Always practice safe text.

Preview 51ae072d e9b0 4ca0 93c5 4d2cd77a98a8
86 points

Found the Reddit section in my bookstore.

Preview a3b55c78 9556 4b04 a182 a274429883a0
65 points

Got unexpectedly soaked by a wave today but the result was kinda cool

Preview 09ac88fa 2c20 4500 9246 7ad6112e7c34

This large root system I found growing in an unknown french drain at my house. My son said it looked like a big turd. Banana and small child for scale.

Preview fc83ce00 5fb8 456f 9468 748f0f5d5c96
68 points

Nice to meet you Mat.

Preview afd4bc39 edb1 45e4 8b09 f654daa8d9f3
62 points

Something’s making all these fish die in Pymatuning lake.

Preview e04decba 3e3a 48bc bbc8 fa2d17c39977
46 points

Remodeling my Grandfather's basement and found this... he's still yelling at us from the grave.

Preview 7c30f50f 21dc 4c79 83de 07253314926d
62 points

This cat 😼

Preview 330356cf 3dd2 4baa 9c74 4072861f9ba4
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