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Uh...I guess I’m having a mojito then.

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11 points


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13 points

I'm Mr Meeseeks

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11 points

That's a risk, alright.

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76 points

When you find a message in a bottle.

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76 points

Pinhole viewer really does work!

Preview 444d112e d6a7 4ea8 9cf2 1a9541d057a1
70 points

Smoke formed a perfect 2

Preview 05192878 3b0e 4417 82b9 9f6414dae0fb

Wouldn't want to get some shade under this tree......can you spot them all???

Preview 48979464 602a 4735 b5a7 8e46208a28b0
60 points

Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

Preview 5202fb59 8306 4512 bdd0 0822f4c394ea

Just a little prank I made up. I put in the notes app because I couldn’t make a text post.

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21 points

Just Barcelona from the sky

Preview fac2607d dbb2 4708 b47c 98f8100aa752

Be a hero.

Preview 5fcc42e5 6a6b 4caa a8d6 76df7b5a25ce

Since we're doing funny headstones, this is my dad's inscription.

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60 points

The earth is flat.

Preview 067c0be5 ea48 4a68 89c3 e743e97912bb
40 points

Mitosis hiding in a Hickory pile

Preview 61a0c5c9 52ed 4f40 8caa d3296e8c4f9d

What happens when wood is burned with high voltage

Preview 7c744c9d 6b07 4659 a3b4 fee27aecd212
23 points

This is a brick outside the main building on my campus

Preview 420a0c62 c7ed 4ae5 bad5 ee4338465189
18 points

Crocodiles in Algeria.

Preview dc4b8ba1 1ed6 458e 8e8a 49fb3d8df9e8
20 points

Why I have trust issues

Preview b53fe78f 1921 43c5 90fb f6b44e28edb6
19 points

Vertical Cliffs

Preview 147d7a87 fe75 4568 bde2 ab36821313fd

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