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Late to May The Fourth Be With You

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66 points

Best office quotes...go!

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Commander in chief

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92 points

This guy...

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71 points

Just watch the movie and see for yourself. (Kingsman: The Golden Circle)

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Happy birthday to Mr. Deadpool

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Thats all I want

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57 points

Maths students can relate

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64 points

Throwing Away my Sisters Christmas Gifts! Gone Wrong.


*cries in the corner*

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11 points

Later he said

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5 points

Enough internet for today

Preview 63432032 707c 4783 aee2 a41b3d62c6ec
19 points

The one and only Elon Musk

Preview c71db130 83d8 4ea3 b851 c879494f321d
84 points

The reason why everyone watched the series, Thank you Neil...

Preview 091bb337 af1b 46c7 b7c1 ccadc4353409
5 points

Or you know, cook together?

Preview 6a8a9c00 c7e7 4862 b505 6ca794c5f4fe
6 points

One man you can't hate.

Preview a982eec7 82ff 4839 afbb ed2f8685f3c8
103 points

He's got a point

Preview 0ab16178 1c93 4487 bc2a dd1372cf5d54
17 points

Fish n' chips mate

Preview c4300ab8 517b 4613 b7bb ae7374a56cb7
140 points

Name a more iconic duo

Preview ede1dec3 d792 4d8e acfe 84efb50f4714

Someone said that. Somewhere.

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