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I want this kid to be my wingman.

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50 points

Very accurate!

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101 points

r/funny mods be like

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117 points

Barry it

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101 points


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99 points

When you have a meeting with your boss at 10 and a fight with the Black Knight at 11.

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108 points

A snowflake right before melting

Preview ff89bc3d 2936 48ad b068 d76876d685ed
101 points

Ever take your train off any sweet jumps?

Preview 62204528 33ce 494e 887f 12058f9634dd
106 points

Road collapse in Texas reveals awesome natural cave

Preview 658e819b d484 4b3e bb7c 412483ecd0fe
111 points

Is it just me or does michael O'Rielly look like one of the monsters from spirited away?

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99 points

Late to May The Fourth Be With You

Preview c19bb219 6fa0 41ea a54f f13c52407c95
74 points

Best office quotes...go!

Preview ab4172b4 f9ba 4659 88c8 5b234ea45131

Commander in chief

Preview 4c4119c8 b0d1 449b a3c5 d673a0fa0b65
111 points

This guy...

Preview f89bd81e f9a1 40b5 99cc 0b0c4c7e2fe6
80 points

Just watch the movie and see for yourself. (Kingsman: The Golden Circle)

Preview 2b8697f0 3593 4c87 ad22 607d671f75ad

Happy birthday to Mr. Deadpool

Preview 9dfcf8e5 f0f4 4dcd b586 fbc8cc43aa1d

Thats all I want

Preview cd21630a 6e96 4d7a 900d f3ef2aad4ba7
68 points

Maths students can relate

Preview 0497af84 9188 4910 8289 23ab0c58b026
80 points

Throwing Away my Sisters Christmas Gifts! Gone Wrong.

16 points

*cries in the corner*

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23 points

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