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A severe lack of privacy

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17 points

Inviting sunken tub

Preview d8fcf878 1c5f 4d76 9ebc 8f91866b7a0d
14 points

Why I have trust issues

Preview b53fe78f 1921 43c5 90fb f6b44e28edb6
19 points

I also like to live dangerously

Preview 97562953 9269 4493 937c 8fa0bfe85a43
22 points

Want to compare skid marks?

Preview 4c5ba979 5e82 4904 af1a 93937e63409a
17 points

I'm new in the internet. Am I doing it right?

Preview 9ddd4909 fdb4 4f93 8e5f baa76d8d3295
19 points

This design

Preview 0c0a4fb8 45f1 46a4 8ed4 7ea7a68d20cd
24 points

Kitchen in a penthouse at 432 Park Ave in Manhattan .

Preview 508c5e30 494f 4812 880c 4d3723a7372c
69 points

Shower with a view, or can be viewed.

Preview f558fb54 b27a 4e57 91b0 a56a4bf8b958
17 points

Remodeling the bathroom, thousand razors poured out of the wall

Preview 9b6d5cb1 696f 4fa5 9d1d 0399b000e7b1
64 points

Big heckin' snoot boye does himself a quench

Preview 3fd95779 206d 473c 8893 062605623956
17 points

Someone at work keeps removing the urinal screen and throwing it on the floor

Preview 8b0c358a eabf 445e 8cc3 e10a5fd110ac
39 points

Elegant bathroom features a large walk-in shower and a floating wooden cabinet in this home in Brussels.

Preview e8c6ac14 3ea4 4910 a6bd a5047aba38e4
55 points

Why did the whites won? that's racist!

Preview 68979f40 2023 48c2 b1f9 cfc50f0614db
49 points

O hai there

Preview a26ac4a8 705a 40d8 8fca c5237bdb8294

Buddy bathroom

Preview 4a2c19c3 a788 43fd 90c8 282203775bbf
18 points

Do you ever just want to beat someone up?

Preview 437c5c8d c4a7 42ed 93d6 9eac22c3d34a
18 points

Bathroom tiles in the Newseum, Washington DC

Preview ee73b984 a949 4dc4 852f 287eb7ff9065
102 points

Bathroom of 92nd floor penthouse in Park Avenue, NY

Preview 3cff8210 f83e 43c5 8ad3 8845b0341eca
23 points

How? Also, Why?

Preview 02fc5d68 dbb8 4670 97ae 94c2825d5398
23 points

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