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Real life GHOST PRANK on old People🤭🤭😂😂😂

21 points

Cue mild palm sweating

Preview 25f3e508 8018 4b2f a59b b02fbfb4ad00

someone broke into my moms car

65 points

Incredible likeness

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121 points

I hate this clock in our rental condo. What time is it?!

Preview c9a4801f e070 4fb1 a124 367eb7d9b2c5
103 points

For people who are always late

Preview 2c6072ba bba4 4486 bbd7 c02038603f6b
111 points

Clever sign between a dojo and a coffee shop in my hometown.

Preview 6b21e8bd 4ee6 47ac 9195 063ba3d4b312
126 points

Anatomy of Songs

Preview 9eb841b2 e9ff 4507 ad15 c7c22b5649f3
150 points

No birds allowed.

Preview 92b6b3e8 7dc5 49bd acca 68b3ec157ec9

When Mom comes over to visit.

Preview 4fdd0c82 93a6 46aa 9fcc 1bbc0ee7e908
80 points

Luckily I didn't participate

Preview 9e257a64 2c52 4021 bfd5 f69789b25319
105 points

When your 10 year old son starts puberty...

Preview b6e0b403 1740 4ce9 86d6 749148d311f3
72 points

Set 'em up, and...

Preview 257e5c2b 1ca1 4e54 86b5 bc4900eee2b6
114 points

Happy New Year Reddit!!!

Preview f31667a0 ecf6 460b a0ca eefeb8e01ddf

Taco Bell 🌮

Preview fb22755a 9713 4d56 87a2 9959cf0b7bbd
88 points

The local pub sums it up beautifully.

Preview 85160b7b 1954 4aea b5a3 e2ba6f43d82d
82 points

True that

Preview c68a80f3 6eae 42ca af1f 3e16b6aa5720
132 points

Mountain lions

Preview fcd6f581 99f4 4bd3 b653 3f2cda28cd63

I love you

Preview 2bae4b86 dd39 436b a584 434af6cbd2ac

Yes we can!

Preview 54239978 84f4 4be0 9b7e 4002afb13174
51 points

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