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My kind of secret menu at a Cambodian firing range

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45 points

Tea time

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16 points

The rules.

Preview a1f291e6 cf7d 4376 827e ce45da20654a
76 points

When your family leaves after the holidays

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23 points

The world is a strange place today...

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20 points


Preview 562b7f1f 5c9f 4395 9b13 268ec6296229
22 points

Youtube data use on mobile.

Preview 2d6254d8 2e31 400d 92eb 75d27176a6ff

First date locations pros and cons

Preview bf3fd692 c122 48e6 97b4 b71ac1b05d9e
67 points

CHEVY hired me to create this steampunk beast as celebration of RED WINGS team. Hope you like it

Preview e190e7ab df80 4c96 87dd 1cd4b72a9cb0
67 points

Stay safe out there, friends.

Preview 8889d649 ac6e 457a 8978 6ac4fbc5e9a7
53 points

Foreign audience

Preview 4696abc9 862f 4168 a76b c6c0b85899dc

Unlimited power!

Preview acd604bf 4f24 4a1e 8b7b 37d4914494d2
107 points

We all

Preview 6f6aac86 7776 4e06 bdac 1bef48cbd9ae
23 points

Was watching Star Wars when suddenly...

Preview e873a73f e64d 4b40 854f da57d4036421

Printf("Nailed It!");

Preview 0e0c604e a479 42b5 a1a0 1a9554ab828b
84 points

Cops these days

Preview 26e404b8 2558 4e29 a233 2723b3bd4e10
74 points

Dont forget its my birthday today

Preview 5f4e92f7 4c53 4dd4 b4dd 404c895faa96
23 points

This guy learned chinese in just 5 mins. click here to learn how!!!!

Preview 93fd41b9 f483 4746 bc14 4d533fcdad28
3 points

Entry denied

Preview 1e44b2bc ade0 4dc2 ab25 22a9906657e6
11 points

Well. That escalated quickly.

Preview 13ea4272 b0cb 45fa a444 4efb87ed4624
20 points

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