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Clever sign between a dojo and a coffee shop in my hometown.

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87 points

I literally said What The Fuck...

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89 points

Everyday dilemma

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83 points


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66 points


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24 points

My uncle who just finished an 8 hour weld job on his knees in below freezing weather just sent me this photo.

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125 points

Redundant clock

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21 points

1320 ton statue of the Chinese god of war, Guan Yu

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24 points

Light pillars over Alaska

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56 points

10 Bone-Chilling Urban Legends

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88 points

CHEVY hired me to create this steampunk beast as celebration of RED WINGS team. Hope you like it

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76 points

Its the message that matters

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The master race isn't that smart.

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121 points

A number 666 with extra dip

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83 points

A separate bathroom for the well-endowed gentleman

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5 points

This is a level of self loathing I've never seen before.

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108 points

Lets go on a date Girls im dutch 193cm blond blue eyes and stil 16 years singel please help me !

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107 points

My life in a nutshell

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7 points

At my last job, I found a bag of sirloin steak that was left out all night by accident. My boss told me to stick it back in the walk-in and we'll serve it when it gets cold.

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132 points

Clever sign between a dojo and a coffee shop in my hometown.

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