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Macaque pillaging a trash can

Preview c5212c9d f9b0 4263 a5e3 b5f44714139f
155 points

The Impossible

Preview fd549743 bbdd 405c ba0e 63f34729176b
186 points

The second sign really kicked things up a gear

Preview 8c3f12b4 0c8f 457a bf87 216feffec153
84 points

Incredible likeness

Preview 0fb7e3ce 0771 4a09 8921 1778fc33bbb3
121 points

This cup from good will....

Preview 5761d1af dcaa 49bd 889a b81f4900ab81
103 points

There’s always a believer

Preview a3f5a784 b3a4 43c9 9cb5 8c5e8e726da0
89 points

Beer Made with Vaginal Bacteria

Preview c4bdc66d c485 4bd1 a714 c8659a4c8e7b
114 points

I made a fake album cover for my friend and put it on my story people actually think I mixed a song

Preview a14d9804 affb 45e4 bb49 c939b2d1b0bc
138 points

According the the Man Code, he must continue to try for at least 20 minutes before admitting his error.

Preview d7b86faf f797 441a 9ad5 ad25e18e3a33
123 points

Used to have PSVT episodes all the time like this. My heart rate would max out the pulseoximeter and stay there for hours. This would happen at random, even while sitting down doing nothing.

Preview b174288c ed76 4507 a8b1 fbf3f16ea5e4
114 points

My campus library is hip with the kids

Preview 3087b79d 5d57 4788 b6ed fe703fd379c3
112 points

"I brake suddenly for tailgaters"

Preview 48d7e236 3773 4bac 9221 8e840cb3968d
113 points

IMG_4628.JPG A fine example of American engineering

Preview c73d2fbc 5f4d 4158 a9a7 4d693e7b80ee
89 points

MS Paint still has its uses

Preview 3cc43e36 d6f9 4eb4 b21c e26570e29d37
71 points

A lot less impressive than the rest of the sub but ;) it's once a year you get this and I remembered

Preview 153f628d 7a9f 4023 b137 b1703987434a
101 points

Rebar is our friend.

Preview c36d00c4 dfd9 4499 bc0c ae062922123a
104 points

I literally said What The Fuck...

Preview cf339773 f476 471c 9baa 86f85dcadd9d
115 points

A shocking discovery

Preview 48e4bb4c 2f4e 4a14 a782 f667335fd72c
108 points

Happy New Year Reddit!!!

Preview f31667a0 ecf6 460b a0ca eefeb8e01ddf

My uncle who just finished an 8 hour weld job on his knees in below freezing weather just sent me this photo.

Preview 534db08d 384a 4909 8395 4ad942ef6c15
154 points

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