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A lot less impressive than the rest of the sub but ;) it's once a year you get this and I remembered

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Rebar is our friend.

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I literally said What The Fuck...

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A shocking discovery

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Happy New Year Reddit!!!

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My uncle who just finished an 8 hour weld job on his knees in below freezing weather just sent me this photo.

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Redundant clock

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Light pillars over Alaska

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Its the message that matters

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The master race isn't that smart.

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A number 666 with extra dip

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Dont forget its my birthday today

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last time i tried to help my new neighbors i was told to mind my own f'n business. on this very wet and windy day i'm minding my own business when i noticed this. it's been an hour now.

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This is a level of self loathing I've never seen before.

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Lets go on a date Girls im dutch 193cm blond blue eyes and stil 16 years singel please help me !

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...Werewolves of London

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I am sure no one will notice.

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5:55:55 on the 5th day of the week and the 5th day of the 5th month

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Or is it just my mom?

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