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When you've leveled-up from stationeries and stuffed toys.

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From r/funny

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I think you might've, uh.. hit something there..

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I saw about half a Mercedes driving down the road today.

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A Totaled Eclipse

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Looks like something a pedophile would drive

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Could you imagine a side impact wreck?

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Didn't see this as a listed option on the window sticker

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Have you ever been to Houston?

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Then I think WTF!

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Interviewer:Why don't you tell me about yourself?

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Spotted a blueish chrome GTR.

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Mexicans in Texas be like

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Meet my favourite coupe of all time.

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How are they not falling off?

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When your tire and then the donut blows on the same day...

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My car was making a thumping noise this morning...

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At least it did not say Child Slayer.

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