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Felt a sharp itch in my eye while driving home... Found this guy shortly after.

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90 points

My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans

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75 points

Thicc nails

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96 points

The local dealers getting real sneaky

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95 points

Will the mods allow it?

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72 points

My hands after every shower

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91 points

Find the tortoise

Preview 3984fd29 b5a9 4246 9aba ae059f016756

Is he pleased with himself? Yes.

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Preview 9b4d8f94 4696 478d 9abc 50e77e4d4200
89 points


Preview fc7812fc d487 47db 8610 e77cc18824c0
103 points

Eye with Keratoconus at 300%

Preview 4a7be31e 9bad 4d89 8dd1 7b06c43ebe52
73 points

I got half a roll of toilet paper in the middle of the pack.

Preview fb151908 f5f4 460e b540 0442c428350a
74 points

Dislodged this booger today, it felt like I was unplugging from the Matrix

Preview a6d3e5ec 87d7 42fa 9f4d 0672bee164d0
109 points

"Go ahead, do something about it."

Preview 9b46f670 5231 44cc 8ddd 47a4b9694fb9

Shorty is a little jerk

Preview ec465f95 eb78 49dc a7f5 139c87408c5c

I'm sorry i dropped you stop giving me that look

Preview 67f20324 7a9e 45d7 9a0c 04e4abd9b7a2
79 points

At age 12 my girlfriend had to write a letter to herself for school and keep it sealed 20 years. She turned 32 today. She fooled her teacher then... and herself now.

Preview 4045f6d0 39ae 4f3e 8378 a1e54e07f28d
142 points

I don't even wanna know.

Preview d41ebfa0 40a0 42b5 884d 0776407354d7
84 points

My friends freaky tongue

Preview 453d1a7c 1d60 40c7 8070 09a293396948
109 points

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