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These are highly addictive and will destroy your health over time

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132 points

The thanks I get for catching this falling armadillo!

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No Escape

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70 points

Felt a sharp itch in my eye while driving home... Found this guy shortly after.

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100 points

My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans

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87 points

Thicc nails

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108 points

The local dealers getting real sneaky

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107 points

Will the mods allow it?

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80 points

My hands after every shower

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114 points

Find the tortoise

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Is he pleased with himself? Yes.

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100 points


Preview fc7812fc d487 47db 8610 e77cc18824c0
111 points

Eye with Keratoconus at 300%

Preview 4a7be31e 9bad 4d89 8dd1 7b06c43ebe52
88 points

I got half a roll of toilet paper in the middle of the pack.

Preview fb151908 f5f4 460e b540 0442c428350a
84 points

sorry not sorry

Preview f6438c29 1214 48d9 b217 7f748b856023
102 points

Yeah well, I had to have my thumbs sewn onto my feet.

Preview 6200f76b 0bb2 4e9e 959d 341af7552e12
105 points

My sister-in-law "dressed up" her pressure cooker and cutting board.

Preview 9b1801bb 7b70 4db4 b5d7 90955082733a
103 points

Dislodged this booger today, it felt like I was unplugging from the Matrix

Preview a6d3e5ec 87d7 42fa 9f4d 0672bee164d0
118 points

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