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When Windows XP froze so you’d drag the window around

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90 points

My 62 y/o mother dressed as the creature from The Shape of Water for her Oscar party

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97 points

Plastic surgery anonymous

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95 points

this killed me

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67 points


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76 points

Honey Boo Boo and Mama June look like an SNL parody of themselves five years ago

Preview a63059be 49bd 4a0d b7e7 1a7202470451
62 points

1 second before they were enveloped by sadness at the loss of a VK.

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Be The Batman

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55 points

Combining the faces of actors who played a certain character

Preview 997ee51c 4edc 4b42 bc9e ecd942d194dd
109 points

My cousins have had the same couch since 1998. The couch hasn’t aged one bit. Some of us have.

Preview 8d4e4a48 b74e 421a a235 44837e3eef36
104 points

My in-laws were uptight about the family photos. How long until they notice this slight edit?

Preview e0117524 9f16 4697 ab14 ea8a573b689b
128 points

I photobombed my buddy at the Super Bowl. Great minds think alike...

Preview bfaa9990 65e5 4ce6 b216 2402c95229e0
94 points

Idk the guy in the back but he seems not like to like me

Preview cb868db6 1585 4384 90cf e94e1c78d14f
107 points

Ain't nobody got time for that !

Preview d67ef6b1 d271 40d9 8e25 19d54b92bd6b
92 points

I Photoshopped myself into a family portrait and it is now hanging up in my office

Preview aae7854a 5c95 4cdf be38 187a30343c3a
111 points


Preview 06aefd52 96d7 4003 8358 c2f80741be68

Did they get a sex change as well?

Preview 377cabfb 3bef 4cf3 93bf 87cc3eea7a6f
81 points

Got my first tattoo today. Dad wanted in the photo.

Preview f1324f13 49b0 4b30 9926 47ccafee2b6d
95 points

Why women can never understand what a man is thinking about while on idle mode.

Preview 7884c173 cde7 4863 bd02 022c34fb46a4
91 points

Faceswapped my brother and my daughter. I will never stop laughing at this.

Preview 8340e8d8 d740 45e0 92ee fe6fcac2fe75
81 points

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