Everything tagged with toilet

When you want an upgrade but don’t wanna forget where you came from

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82 points

That one time someone missed

Preview 7e46c01b 65fc 428a addc cba9463ab591
75 points

Always up for a challenge

Preview dc0f887d 3407 4e3a 8013 9d601c71be7d
64 points

A crazy luxurious hair salon at Printemps in Paris.

Preview e7efd005 a006 41f5 b63f 14dfd56bc0d5
62 points

Stunning master bath in Brooklyn townhouse

Preview cd8fd8a7 a6ee 44a6 9b05 44c534363364
55 points

My more realistic laundry load size choices...

Preview 13f143b6 4afb 483f ba03 56cb1344d62b
85 points

When there's a huge UI problem

Preview 70b75300 83bc 4fc5 84a3 b318ae50e7da

Too close?

Preview 22dbfbd9 f251 4b2d b2eb 3f3d11230cf8
90 points

This urinal is draining into a mountain dew bottle

Preview 2fee5226 a729 4a88 b13b 1ca5e987a44c
64 points

Stylish bathroom with spruce ceiling joists and a stainless steel Japanese soaking tub in this home in Sherborn, Massachusetts.

Preview 3fd47254 1b29 419b 912d 9fa1efe405a6
83 points

When winter gets really cold

Preview 489dce90 bb8b 4b42 b14c a894d80adbd0
62 points

Remember, front to back, I will know otherwise.

Preview df37c778 ec43 458d 8344 b384ecabd351
67 points

Bathroom Goals

Preview ed93cab6 7dae 4644 b7e9 5371b4f3b2a8
46 points

For when you need to do math and take a number 2.

Preview dcac66b2 17ea 45a7 814c 040508473db7
75 points

This public bathroom

Preview 66f045fe 214c 476f ab02 6fe428e97b5e
95 points

Spider plant are hallucinogenic to cats, so we moved ours. Think the habit is already formed.

Preview 4641aa3a 64e3 4bf9 8ef3 229f845723de
80 points

"You can't tell me what to do human"

Preview d8a53473 41c3 4139 9cab 9c567d0f03f8

I didn't know male restrooms can be so awkward

Preview b3f7425c 5bd4 4682 a2c0 3f8e02925f93
55 points

My friend is the manager of a male strip club and sent me this picture of someone's magic moment. Congratulations, lady.

Preview 567044de f1af 475e b134 0c94f5a1ccba
102 points

Boyfriend thought he was bleeding while pooping


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