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Ever wondered why Legos have that form of hands?

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2 points

This design

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12 points

Shower with a view, or can be viewed.

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12 points

I will be honest, I got this from facebook.

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24 points

It does

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23 points

"Fat Acceptance" in South Korea...

Preview e7754c16 63fb 4e68 8f9e 1352c525b9a2
58 points

Saving water ??

Preview 50aa28b4 efcc 4306 8902 2cd1de596c91
21 points

Well that escalated quickly

Preview ade77437 3405 4e5b a9bb 61dd41a10289

Buddy bathroom

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15 points

This mother decided to wear her bathing suit as a bodysuit.

Preview bbd242ec 0521 4177 9d78 a6f3f62b8e0a
88 points

Bathroom tiles in the Newseum, Washington DC

Preview ee73b984 a949 4dc4 852f 287eb7ff9065
100 points

My friend's 12 year old brother

Preview ac135a9e a7ba 48a3 a068 42b98fa5020f

Everyone thought this kid actually ate his own shit




Friends that poop together stay together...

Preview 20fb00e3 b047 42d1 897b c711b1a7e181
19 points

i was doing a stream while taking a shit and my friend called me in the middle of it...


Who needs this advise?

Preview 3c0b410c 8d6d 497e 8308 4d266e53f2df
5 points

Doing some construction work in an elementary school and this is one of their bathrooms.

Preview 0ea84fde 3181 4733 8b66 106382ae83c7
8 points

Find the toilet paper your sweet butt deserves

Preview 379422c3 727d 422a 9e38 6fcfce69aa97
8 points

All these bathroom posts have inspired me. I visited lovely Lynnwood, WA

Preview d630205a 2692 4712 b986 c654702d3c57
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