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These are for *dogs*? Oh...

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38 points

Can someone please explain what happened here? Famous fast food restaurant bathroom spattered with feathers and accompanied by an small empty bottle of Jack.

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105 points

It Was A Bit Chilly In The Bathroom...

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63 points

My toilet setup

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57 points

When u see it.

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89 points

Heated toilet seat

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105 points

Thank you unsung hero for paying it forward

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99 points

When you get told you can only use one side of piece of paper to write formulas for the final...

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70 points

Mixed message

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55 points

For When You're Nitpicky

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137 points

Friends that poop together stay together...

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56 points

Who needs this advise?

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13 points

Doing some construction work in an elementary school and this is one of their bathrooms.

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68 points

Found a scorpion waiting for me in my toilet this morning.

Preview 07d9910a 24e8 40fb 8204 0382b709a89a
15 points

An interesting find at a local thrift shop

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106 points

Casino life

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12 points

This was addicting but I'm clean now

Preview f630d1b9 ee6d 4d6c 8780 40f22128b909
304 points

Waste of bread but the reaction is worth it.

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522 points

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