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In a galaxy far away...

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74 points

That explain a lot... I think

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75 points

Mistakes were made

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24 points

We have this at work, just in case.

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24 points

Christmas Idea

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42 points


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72 points

$10 for an empty water bottle

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81 points

Nair is good for your hair.

Preview cef85b79 d0ee 4ffa b210 323d65a8795e

The irony

Preview 69a73605 4488 4502 b459 c2124a3a7ee1
46 points

Dirty glasses? Just clean them with Cat Crap!

Preview 317c6e61 e8df 4c92 a497 99022fd86ed2
22 points

The greatest over-the-hill cake I've ever seen.

Preview d01e6205 5f87 4583 b5c7 61b589e77437
100 points

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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38 points


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117 points

Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, ......

Preview dad3bff3 f247 4dd1 9a7a fd93b3884db7
113 points

Ready or not?

Preview 7354ed1c f509 4666 99bc 7843296e23f8
12 points

My friend gave me this to remember him by, just before he passed away. He couldn't speak, but he made it seem important that I have it. RIP

Preview 58ea143c 5471 492d 9c57 b67e939effe8
21 points

Let's see how many of you can get this

Preview 02d8806d 3bcc 495a a4ae e2bed8c84cbd
11 points

Spotted this well-endowed girl in the window of a drugstore.

Preview a32f58a2 d97a 46e4 a54f 19733e3cf98d
109 points

RIP Adam West, You've Had Your Journey.

Preview 30ee4afa 2902 4bc0 a48d bff15da0809f

Who's dad would do the same?

Preview 62f9413a 6b86 4232 a7ec 0015688e5d2e
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