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If Rob Lowe and Zac Efron had a child and then that child grew up to be a Halloween wig model

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166 points

Told my dad to grab the sunscreen before we hit the beach. Sit down and he hands me this...

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190 points

This Worked Until that Creep Chuck Got Back from Vacation

Preview f1c71238 b47a 4375 8d8a 2f93e599b91d
113 points

An old concept, but still Gucci. I think...

Preview 9c18f2c6 aecd 4760 ab6d b1b18c68ab9b
107 points

Exactly what I wanted my hair to smell like

Preview 913fb0fe 58f1 470b 8731 d61669a5dde7
77 points

Too soon?

Preview f1c964c2 08bc 4f8c bf0d 4e42ffb9ce5e
109 points

So I had a fortune cookie today

Preview e75dac5b a1ee 4e34 96c6 3abcc905abf8
131 points

Koreans sure don't mess about when it comes to coffee

Preview 6d679058 0a44 4db3 a835 251509ce0442
109 points

Duck hunters! Save time! Now you can kill, clean, and cook the bird all with one shot!

Preview 1c4173b2 c3d5 4a68 932f d04e8f02a572
128 points

It was worth a shot

Preview 4fb4bba4 daf3 4452 b64a 98e230e66be5
93 points

WTF Japan?

Preview 0c785b79 e28c 4dad 9f09 fdc63a6a8c4c
105 points

Have a squirt of "Ew-De-Toilet"

Preview 32396947 238d 4157 ae65 8f5f823c09b0
94 points

This Has Disaster Written All Over It

Preview 9cbfeed2 15cf 4c94 8031 206bae54b83f
110 points

Hell yeah, Tide is making vapes now too.

Preview ce08b045 29b1 4c5a aa9f a011f4c31df9
108 points

In a galaxy far away...

Preview 823878bb 9db0 44c7 9841 fa5c54e52dba
100 points

That explain a lot... I think

Preview c2a6d1ff 68ad 4a0a 9e29 703976831a3e
95 points

Mistakes were made

Preview 109b1787 811a 460d a07a e8b1930d4ba7
118 points

We have this at work, just in case.

Preview ee346094 908e 4859 859f 1e4114c4ac30
74 points

Christmas Idea

Preview 107ca9cb 3b4b 4e75 8dc9 c3738a3bf681
56 points


Preview ed5cc3d0 51da 4fc6 b117 5fa01238a117
97 points

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