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71 points

Diet Coke & Mentos experiment, circa 2010

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The most redneck wedding in southern history.

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77 points

Or any cancer song

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72 points

*Stares forever*

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12 points

This is how the state fair propped the roller coasters up.

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23 points

Rate my setup. ooh I think I'm in wrong section

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23 points

Was cleaning when I found this in my daughters bedroom

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24 points

NEW! Organic brake pads!

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21 points

This brush looks a little bit like Lord Farquaad

Preview af3cdca4 ab32 4956 8cfc 772283d621ef
80 points

Drill sarn't my weapon won't fire!

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75 points

Replaced our forks with silver cocktail forks. Roommate thought they shrunk in the dishwasher.

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16 points

Found out my three year old daughter keeps a box with a knife, a gun, and some cash. Should I be worried?

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78 points

My 3 Year old nephew asked me to read him his fortune....

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49 points

Got these bad boys for my roommate as a gift for my birthday coming up!

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84 points

Super fun happy slide to crippling depression

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88 points

Noooo please don't

Preview 95b48bbe af6e 4a85 b3eb 1a149b27fe29
23 points

The world's dumbest mud dauber

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102 points

A little girl came up to my ticket window and said my stapler reminds her of a whale...I will never be able to look at my stapler the same w

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115 points

world's first wireless iron

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