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I have so many questions

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78 points

Audiophile cables

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121 points

Still works though

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65 points

Gotta love when the chainsaw goes all sentient.

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123 points

The Best Crossover that never was

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88 points


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105 points

God Damn food owns my heart !

Preview d4708d22 9535 4c3e a5bf 900954025f50
81 points

That's one way to walk your goat.

Preview 036d485b e76b 4f56 9a96 51249b1e5b85
52 points

It's hard to appreciate the CVS receipt references on Reddit until you experience it first hand. Total amount spent: $9.66

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67 points

Nailed it.

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57 points

Watering can

Preview 10babdb1 0b69 43c8 a6a9 e42851903f7d

Hot wire!

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109 points

I made this bad boy out of my old coffee table.

Preview 16fe1de6 6fe2 448f 8e01 1928e471100e
93 points

House cat found in ice.

Preview f6e8f003 84a8 4c3c 9bc0 b71c66e9e21e
91 points

Line was too long

Preview 5bc2c25a dca6 4df1 9d15 af985923cc1a
59 points

If you are the person who invented this type of sticker nobody likes you.

Preview dc826f2e 3294 41cc ab44 0612dd023778
110 points

Anyone with good photoshop skills? Can edit out the background and put me on a beach or something funny! Wanna see how good you guys are? I’ve seen some funny ones! Hit me up! 👍

Preview 55d18168 8282 409d a7ee 53bcc0abfa3a
116 points

Stopping by the Home Depot before fighting evil.

Preview 107ccc0a a86c 4d1a 9363 0a3b73e12b2e
88 points

To combat the Nazis, British spies created the exploding rat.

Preview 32d48797 1f82 40ea a62c 8e382e726806
123 points


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