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Found out my three year old daughter keeps a box with a knife, a gun, and some cash. Should I be worried?

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44 points

My 3 Year old nephew asked me to read him his fortune....

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19 points

Got these bad boys for my roommate as a gift for my birthday coming up!

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79 points

Super fun happy slide to crippling depression

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24 points

Noooo please don't

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19 points

The world's dumbest mud dauber

Preview 4529ceaa 3ad9 4fd7 a7bd 55463280285e
98 points

world's first wireless iron

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Renovators dug this up from under our floor.

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24 points

Pulling out the sword from 2000 years before

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6 points

Just drilling some wood on the lathe


Guess the country

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2 points

Dedicated Mother Feeding Her Wrenchlings

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19 points

Just about to place an order, anyone else need one for a bulk buy?

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4 points

Neat little lizard

Preview 1a29ef21 9333 4341 a15e 5e8d8972d4a7
15 points

Today's generation doesn't know about the original fidget spinner!

Preview b237f923 0167 4761 8866 dd6719bd6891
19 points

Update 2: Got it running, time to start body work

Preview 10615c6c 09fa 47c8 9163 b4ce88376305
10 points

Albino spider takes shelter in keyhole. Not sure who is more surprised.

Preview 31577520 2b1d 4b7b ba6e 62031322dacc
6 points

Cutting Acrylic, Plastic And Wood Using A Blade Made Of Paper Is Amazing To Watch

562 points

I think we found the problem

Preview 28988965 2104 458a a419 3819921adb8b
194 points

Safety in a Workplace Award goes to

Preview f91a1019 1bd2 4e2d 9b82 e7478a7430d1
136 points

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